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 Inspirational interview with Cristina Whitehawk

1.Tell us a little about yourself,and your inspirational book Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance.

Learn anything faster and more easily.

  Educator by trade, love to teach.  Love supporting people in learning about themselves, digging deeply to find their inspirational nuggets of gold within.  Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance: A Book for Daily Inspirational Focus came out of this love for self-discovery.
2.Why write the book? who should buy this inspirational  book?

To share with others how it is on a daily basis we make changes in our lives through small little steps that lead to the inspirational turn arounds we are seeking.  The comment I most hear about Doorways is, “How is it the book knows exactly what it is I need to “hear” on that day?”  The beauty of Doorways is it can be used year after year so each year when you come to, for instance, January 20th again, you are new and the message is fitting for the new you.  Doorways is always giving the reader a new inspirational perspective.

This is a book for someone who wants to start the day with strengh.  Later on I am going to discuss with you about teaching Brain Gym®.I have been teaching it for  for 22 years.  When you combine the focus of Doorways’ intent with the Brain Gym, you create your own personal inspirational powerhouse for each day.

3.How do you market your inspirational books/and your business?

I market Doorways via my website, social media, networking, public speaking, and my own workshop events.  I just received a sizeable order from Daily Om, an online Body/Mind/Spirit website.  A person I networked with referred me to them.  I emailed them and received no response.  Then one day Daily Om liked my FB page, so I wrote them to thank them and before you know it, they’ve ordered from me.  It is wonderful opportunities like you provide me Hollis that support my marketing efforts.  My business has grown to a place where I have hired help to assist me with the social media, keeping my websites up-to-date, making flyers for my events, so now I can spend more time marketing and promoting my inspirational self.

My next project is creating a journal where information from Doorways is at the top of the page and the person can use the prompts to reflect on how it speaks to them.

4.Give us some inspirational tips on how you build your business.

As I said before, I do a lot of inspirational networking.  I am a people person and what I do touches people’s lives directly.  When I was first starting my business using Brain Gym, I gave away a lot of free private sessions.  People weren’t familiar with Brain Gym, were curious about it, so all my friends received free sessions from me to get the word out.  I was also getting the word out to the Universe that this is what I want to do.  I started my businesses before there was computer, email, etc.  It is soooo wonderful to not have to take 3 days to get a mailing out via snail mail.  The electronic world has been quite a boon for a small business like mine.  The other side of it, is being able to keep up with all the technological change that takes place every time I blink.

5.Jan 20 from your book,share with us this daily inspirational.

This is about how our breath is the most powerful tool each of us has.  When we are in sync with Universal Law, life is easy.  As an example of this Hollis, just this past Wednesday, I told the Universe I was not ready for my own radio show.  I had been solicited by a couple of people this week.  I said however,  I was ready for interviews.  In less than 24 hours, I received a call form you.  That’s when we are in sync, in the flow, in the zone.  Keep breathing!

6.What is the Power of inspirational Brain Optimization

Brain Gym® is a simple set of movements anyone can use to begin accessing more of their brain power.  I love teaching inspirational Brain Gym!  I love seeing the lights go on when people see how easily they can be in charge of what they want to create in their lives.  This is a simple process.

7.Talk about your Feb 11 Brain Gym Seminar

I am licensed to teach a Sales Success Seminar called Switched-On-Selling.  This one day seminar isn’t about sales techniques, it is about integrating your brain-body system for each step of the sales process.  On my website you will see powerful testimonials about the results this seminar creates  This is a tool you can use over and over again the rest of your life.  Do you resist cold calling?  This seminar will ease you into effortless cold calling.  Do you choke when it is time to ask for the sale?  We’ll show you how to re-educate your neurology for Sales Success instead of Sales Fear and Trepidation.  It’s very easy and fun to do.  And…these techniques can be used in other areas of your life, not just sales.

8.Who should attend? and why?

Obviously anyone who is in sales would benefit directly from this seminar.  We are all selling all the time.  I’ve had people from all walks of life take this course that weren’t directly in sales.  Each person has benefitted from reeducating their neurology for more success in their lives.  Once you have the new patterns established in your body memory, it becomes second nature to easily engage in the selling process.

9.Benefits Of Brain Gym
 Children and adults who use Brain Gym are easily in charge of their emotional state.  Brain Gym is an educational model.  I train teachers how to use it in the classroom, with great success.  It can be applied in any profession.  Business people are always amazed at how quickly you can change a situation in your life by perceiving it differently. Brain Gym supports you in quickly doing that.
10.Final comment:What’s on your business”Bucket List?” Top 5 things
you’d still like to do?

1.  To sell 1 million+  copies of Doorways To Daily Soul Nurturance.

2.  To awaken business to the potential Brain Gym holds for their company.  Employee health and satisfaction are important areas that business is looking at right now.  We have new people coming into the workforce that are not motivated by the money, so much as a culture that supports employee input, creativity and collaboration.  The old top-down models are the way of the dinosaur and companies are looking for ways to bridge the old style with the new.  I firmly believe that as business goes, so does education.  Business needs to model the first steps.
3.  To see that every school district has at least one or more fully licensed Brain Gym Instructors/Consultants like myself whose only job is to train every teacher and aid in their district  how to effectively use it in the classroom.  Children love Brain Gym.  When teachers forget to start the day with it, their classrooms are bedlam, and the children are the first to remind them they need to do Brain Gym.
4.  Brain Gym is an excellent tool for any performance, whether it is sports, music, dance, public speaking.  We don’t need steroids and other drugs.  All we need is right within us.  All we need to do is learn how to directly access it.  Brain Gym teaches us how to do that.  I want to work with more people in these areas.
5.  I’ve just started a 2nd business called Phenomenal Women!  (Phenomenalwomen.biz).  The goal of this business is to provided premiere brain-based personal growth events for women.  My first event will be this April.  It is entitled Phenomenal Women are Phenomenal Receivers.  Women are notorious about not stepping forth and claiming all that is there for them by putting others first.  It’s time women stood tall at home, at work, and at play.  By doing this, they will prosper themselves greatly and thus others.  It’s time they connected with their Phenomenal Woman.  I see at least 4 major inspirational events a year on various empowerment topics to begin with.

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