The Right Way To Get Free Video Traffic

This trend is still very hot if you want to get video traffic.

Online video site YouTube is offering the best opportunities to get tons of free video traffic if you’re building on a budget.

Send the right message via video

YouTube growth has Oprah and Queen Elizabeth jumping on the bandwagon and created their own video traffic channels on YouTube to share their video message.

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to get your message out in front of a boat load of people without having to break the bank,then posting online videos on YouTube can be the perfect answer you’ve been searching for.

Step 1 Obviously you’ll need a video camera if you’re going to start recording for  your video traffic.

Because we’re on a budget, i highly recommend that you pick up a FLIP video camera from your local electronics store,or the web.The company’s website is,and you can find one for about $150.

This little camera is fantastic because it’s cheap,easy to use,(there’s only two buttons!).and it will automatically load your videos to YouTube,Facebook for you if you’d like.

The second piece of software we’ll need is Camtasia from This is our most expensive purchase at $299.00 but worth every penny.You’ll use camtasia to edit your videos if needed.

Step 2 Now it’s time to come up with content for your video traffic videos.

This is critical to the success of your video.Let’s review our goals…What do we want these video traffic videos to accomplish for us?

Goal 1 Identify Your Target Audience for your video traffic.

You want your video traffic to be seen by people who are looking for information about your books,music,etc,so they’ll generate traffic for your capture page.

Let’s say i want to grow my down line and attract other like minded entrepreneurs and business people who are bright,friendly,ambitious..They’re highly motivated,enjoy a challenge,and just need the right opportunity to make it BIG.

I’d want to attract people who keep their business options open,are actively looking for a business opportunity right now,and have also proven to spend money in the past looking for a way to fire their boss and work from home.

Once I have a crystal clear picture of exactly who i want to attract via my video traffic videos into my business,i now can begin to start coming up with a strategy that would grab their attention.

This small subtle step right here is one of the most overlooked things that i see most beginners totally miss when they start posting videos online.

Most people never really sit down to identify exactly who they want to attract into their business,and then what happens is their video traffic messages get watered down and do not produce the kinds of results they were hoping for.

So don’t skip this video traffic step otherwise you’ll be sorry!

Goal 2 Send The Right Video Traffic Message and Generate Attraction

People will only join you if you demonstrate that you have equal or greater value and status than they do,so you want to come across as a confident leader or Alpha business person.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately and that the background of your videos are congruent with  this other words,you don’t want to post a video if your’re TV is in the background.

95% of all communication between humans is visual.How you say what you say,is just as important a the words themselves.

Speak clearly,confidently,and hold eye contact when you are trying to get video traffic.Don’t worry if you’re not perfect.Relax and have fun.Being at ease with yourself is a sign of confidence.

You want to demonstrate your value and position as a leader-and thereby attract your prospects via video traffic videos.By delivering truly useful content.This is also very important because you want viewers to give your video a high feedback rating.

The better your video traffic videos are rated,the higher they’ll show up in the search results.

Goal 3 Create a clear video traffic purpose and call to action.

A video is only a messenger.We need to tell our prospects where to go,and what to do next so we can turn them into a lead,and eventually a new customer.

You should always tell your prospects to visit your capture page to request more information.Sell them on why they should do so via your video traffic video and what they get if they go to your website.


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