Outsourcing for a successful business


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Productivity in the Working Environment


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How to Develop The Right Mindset.


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Thinking about Post-Retirement Work

  • [polldaddy poll=3131218]Just to help you get used to the idea, here are Seven Great Rules for Working After You Retire.

1.Do what you can to stay at your own job– if not full time, then part time. More businesses let retirees work part time or seasonally.

2.If you can’t stay where you are, look in a related field where your skills and experience will be most marketable.

3.Don’t think about going into a full-time business on your own, just because everyone is doing it. Entrepreneurs are born, not made.Unless you have a burning dream you’ve sat on until now- and enough capital to sustain a new business through its first two years-don’t try to build something from scrartch.

4.Do consider turning a hobby or skill into a business.Do crafts and sell them at fairs. Do gardening or pet grooming. Handy with your hands? Use your skills to repair furnishings. Start  newsletter in a field that you love. Think of retirement as a transition to a new, income-producing period of your life.

5.Franchising may make sense for a post-retirement career. The international Franchise Association (202 -628-8000 or www.franchise.org) tracks more than 3,000 different franchise opportunities. Limit your choice to fields where you’ll have the physical stamina as you age.

6.Consider the job situation in any locale you might relocate to after retirement. Job opportunities in your field should be an inportant consideration in deciding whether to relocate

7. Think about post-retirement work early enough so you can take whatever additional schooling- or gain whatever additional skills-you would need to enhance your marketability.