Eskimos-interested to venture into the business of selling

Eskimos a success- you will be required to have a strategy

Eskimos market consists of the people you will be selling the ice to. In this case your market is the Eskimos. These are the target customers you are going to deal with. It is good to know the form of ice they want. This will be a good way of delivering them the right form that will see you get enough profits.

Demand is what is needed. Before you carry your ice to the Eskimos,it is good to know if they will really need it. Know their demand i.e. the quantity they want. You should know how many people are living in a given area so that you make estimates of the quantity they may need. There are factors that may affect the demand for the ice by the Eskimos:
 Your marketing tactics
 The quality of the ice you are selling
 The price of the ice
 The amount of money the consumers have

It is good to know how these factors may affect the price of the ice.

Eskimos and selling

It is good to know where you will be selling your ice. Also know the location of your business. It is good to know a good place where the Eskimos live so that you locate your ice selling business there. The Eskimos are people who like moving from place to place. This is why you need to take your time so that you know a central place where
they stay for long.

You should consider the cost of transporting the ice. The fact that ice is heavy calls for need to know the means and the cost of transporting it to the customers. It is good to know if the means of transport will be the most appropriate so that your ice is delivered safely to the customers.

How To Sell Ice To An Eskimo- The question of how would one sells ice to an Eskimo is a very challenging one. This is because under normal circumstances, we have known the Eskimos as people who live in a very cold area and ice
is known to be very cold in nature.

This is where the challenge arises. You can’t sell people what they don’t like. You will need to have some skills to convince the Eskimos to buy your products. The first thing you will need is to be a good salesman. A good salesman is the one who has good convincing skills that will see you sell ice to the Eskimos. It will be of great significance to avoid using the term Eskimos as it shows racism and most of the Eskimos hate it.

It is good to be warm and smile so that you create a good rapport with your customers. It is good to be what they are and appreciate what they have. This is the only thing that will see you succeed in selling ice to them.
It is good to get into the homes of these people. There is no successful business that has ever been held on the road. It is good to let them know your purpose with a smile. As you enter their house, be smiling and tell them why you have come. Let them know that you have come to solve their ice needs.

Eskimos as people who live in a very cold area

By mentioning this, they will welcome you in and let you explain your business ideas. It is good to score before the game begins. This will be a good way of winning them to buy ice as you pocket profits. To ensure you get good sales, it is good to hammer your strong points and the merits of your product. Ensure you pamper them with the benefits they will get from using your products. It is good to have sample products to show them. The Eskimos always dig deep into the ground to get the crystal clear ice.



You can come with crystal clear ice and explain to them how it will save them on the energy and time. Try to convince them that if you sell them this ice, they will have time to do other important things like looking for food. It is good to capitalize on facts and use them full to your advantage.

It is good to introduce yourself with catchy phrases and quotes that will get their attention to you. Tell them on how your ice is different from theirs. For example, show them how it will keep them warm if they use it to build their houses.

Show them how your iced tea is different from theirs. These are facts that you can use o convince them buy
your product. It is good to be jovial when marketing your ice. Try to put smiles here and there. It is also good to know the first name of the customer and capitalize on it. Try to impress them so that they get to know your products.

What You Need To Successfully Sell Ice To The Eskimos It is good not to listen to the word NO. Impossibility should not exist in your vocabulary. Don’t give up on persuading the Eskimos to buy your ice. Let “no” be an opportunity to convince the Eskimos to say “yes.” It is good not to listen to the prophets of ‘no’ and instead try and keep knocking and at last the door will be opened for you.

A good sales man should never give but instead should work on the ways of convincing the customers to say yes. Persistent is the most important key to success in any business that you venture into. The little things and ideas you pursue each day will one day reach a tipping point that will see you gain from them. This is why you need to be persistent.

Eskimos or anyone should never give up

It is good to act like you have achieved your aim. Convince your mind that you have managed to convince the Eskimos buy your ice. This will give you the confidence of getting to convince them in real. It is good to have that positive feeling that you have managed to convince the Eskimos to buy your ice. You can achieve this if you are ready to build some business confidence in you.

Sell your ideas with a passion This is the key to success in any business venture you have. If you treat people with respect they will also treat you with the same. It is good to remember that the first perception matters a lot. This is why you need to show people respect from the first day you approach them. It is of great significance to appreciate their way of life. Don’t underrate them due to their lifestyle. If you want to succeed in selling them ice you should not intimidate them.

Eskimos and dogs

Creativity is also needed for you to successfully sell ice to the Eskimos. It is good to be calculative in the way you handle things. Think of the problems the Eskimos may be facing and come up with novel solutions that will help them. Try to come up with improvised ice that will offer solutions to certain problems these people may be facing. This will be a good way of selling your ice. It is good to explain to them how you have always thought of this problem and how you
arrived at this solution. This is something you need to explain with creativity so that you win them.

Another way of selling ice successfully to the Eskimos is by going crazy. By going crazy doesn’t mean you get out of your mind. It means you try what has not been tried. Many people think that ice can’t be sold to the Eskimos because it can’t be sold. This is small thinking. The reason why ice has not been sold to the Eskimos is because it has not been tried. Be bold enough and take the bull by the horns and try selling ice to the Eskimos.

This may seem an impossible mission but with determination you will make it. If you fail first time, try again. Don’t give up. Try and try, again and again. You will at last make it. Take one step at a time and you will make it selling to Eskimos.


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