Network seminar for women

Network seminar for women is an angle for tapping a hot market with a traveling seminar package.

Then we should consider the idea of holding a women seminar that does two things for those who attend. It shows them how to get better jobs,find better housing, handle their financial affairs,and other aspects of personal success,and it sets up a local women network at the same time.

Finding a hot subject for women seminars

A women network is a group of people with similar interests and problems who help each other with advice and information upon request.

A typical example of a women network in action would be in the case of a women who wanted to go to work for a bank. To find out what jobs might be available, what the requirements are, how to apply, and what to do to make the best impression, she uses the women network.

She calls on the women network members who work for banks.

One might work in the personnel office and could give her precise information about what she needed to know or do in order to get the best possible job.

The women’s network enrolls all the women in the network who attend the seminar, with information on how to add new members,and how to use the network to solve their problems and get ahead.

A women’s seminar of this kind would attract a large attendance and gross some big bucks in every city.

Business subjects for  a women seminar.

Finding hot subjects for businesses you have a similar situation. As time changes, technology changes and economic conditions improve or deteriorate,and you have new problems and possible new subjects for seminars.

A seminar on how women over the age of 50 can be financial sound on their own would attract a lot of interest from small business,authors,and single women.

The hollischapmanshow Business Learning Center can put together a smart seminar package and get expert from our talk show on how older women can be financially fit over the age of 50.

The hollischapmanshow Business Learning Center has subscriptions to trade magazines of book selling industry and information on authors who are doing stories on women over the age of 50.

This is a good reason to pay attention to these publications. Often the easiest presenter to get for a women seminar is the author of a book on the subject.

Authors seldom make much money from a book. and a chance to make some quick money at a women seminar based on his or her book is not often passed up.

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