Leveraging A Virtual Assistant?

Surprisingly,there are very few home business owners who actually utilize virtual assistant as a time-saving tool.

Having a virtual assistant helps you grow to the next level

What is it?

Well virtual assistant is the ticket to taking your work at home business,lifestyle,and income to new levels,especially if you’re already making over $10,000 month or more.

This is how you can make $50,000 plus per month working less than 3 hours per day using a virtual assistant.

I am going to give you some examples on how i use virtual assistant to help me run my office.

Calling my leads everyday.

Scheduling appointments.

Making following-up calls.

Answering my emails.

Social networks updates.

30 seconds call to action videos.

My virtual assistants is contacting all of my new leads for me,greeting them on my behalf,and making sure they have all the information/websites they need about my business.

The virtual assistant instructs the prospects to look over the material,and then to call her back to schedule an appointment or call me ONLY if they’re ready to get started,or if they have any questions.

The use of virtual assistants keeps my time calling at 10%,while the average home business owner spends 50% on phone calls.

Yes i do call my leads,but i do not spend all day calling leads,time and money is wasted if you spend to much time playing phone tag.

If i find that my three hour window isn’t filled with follow-ups,that my virtual assistant has arranged for me,then i definitely pick up the phone and contact my prospects personally if my virtual assistants hadn’t reached them yet.

You want to tap into a Virtual assistant when you’re making about $10,000 a month or more.

DO NOT use a virtual assistant as a crutch if you don’t like calling your leads yet.This is an advanced strategy that should only be employed by people who have mastered the art of prospecting.Just remember this information when you do get to the point and your results will sky-rocket.

Now there’s an added benefit to using virtual assistant that goes beyond time saving,and i call it the Alpha Effect…

The biggest difference between people who make it in this industry and those who don’t has to do with how they are perceived by their prospects.

By now you should understand that people don’t join a business,they join you.

Having virtual assistants shows you are a leader who can help them get what they want.

People want to work with other successful leaders,because they gain power through that association.

Virtual assistants are your entourage(your team).

How would you perceive a potential sponsor if their secretary called you?

A good virtual assistant helps put you at the top of the list when you are trying to close a deal or talking to a prospect.


Because when you virtual assistant is making The calls,the prospect thinks you are achieving some level of success.

If they have an employee it means they are automatically a leader of at least one person.

Having an virtual assistant instantly increases your status in your prospects eyes and they will automatically look at you with an above-average level of respect because you obviously threat your home business like a REAL business.


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