How To Get Good Seats To sold-Out Events

The best seats to most sold out events whether it’s a Broadway show,a major concert or a professional sports event.Often go to corporate clients or friends of the performers.

Do you need a ticket?

But there are ways that anyone can get great sold out events seats-even when the box office tells you the event is sold out.

Invest in a package deal to get sold out events seats.

Choice seats in most stadiums,arenas and concerts halls often go to subscribers or season ticket holders.Buying a package also guarantees the holder an opportunity to buy for other sold out events,such as post-season play-off games.

Most people aren’t aware that they don’t have to commit to maximum number of home games or all the concert season’s Friday nights.A partial package will likely get you most of the same benefits.

One way to cut the cost of a limited ticket package share the cost with friends.

Tip-Organize your own lottery for sold out events with names drawn out of a hat to avoid disagreements.

Buy tickets at the last minute at sold-out events.

When a computerized seller,such as Ticketmaster,tells you over the phone that a show or game is sold out,do not despair.Even the hottest events release tickets on the day of the performance,frequently with performers who could not use them…are season ticket returns…or bad credit card orders.

These late-released tickets for sold out events and large scale concerts.

The tickets go back into inventories of computerized ticket sellers.For theater and opera,you may need to go directly to the box office.

Tip:The sold-out events check three hours before the performance to see if any tickets have been released.Then check again one hour before..and again at show time.It is not unheard of for tickets to be released a few minutes after a performance has begun.

Broadway strategy to get into a sold-out events.

Pick three sold-out events that you would like to see.Then make the rounds to all three box offices on the same day of the performances…and do it again and again in the hours leading up to the show.

Be willing to sit by yourself at these sold-out events.Long after pairs of tickets are sold out,single seats are often still available.

Tip:When the only seats that are next to each other are in terrible locations,you usually can do much better by buying separate seats.

Beat the crowds at sold out events.

When tickets to a sold out events go on sale through a computerized ticket vendor,the phone lines get swamped.To avoid an endless busy signal,start calling an hour earlier than the listed time.

Tip:Try the local number for the vendor in case the 800 number is busy for the sold out events.

It takes less time to redial seven numbers locally than the 11 needed in the 800 number.

Try ticket vendors’off-site locations,which are usually located inside record stores,department and souvenir stores. Although you may have to pay a small charge,the crowds are likely to be smaller than at the box office.

Attack on two fronts at sold out events.

While waiting in line at a ticket outlet-use a cell phone to reach the outlet’s operators.If you get through before reaching the head of the line,you’ll have reserved better seats than everyone else standing in front of you.

Order tickets through the internet for sold out events.

While using your computer won’t allow you to reach a computerized vendor faster then by calling,you will be better prepared to buy the seats you want.

Tip:Their asking prices are often negotiable for the sold out events or may even drop due to sluggish last minute demand.

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