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1. Hollischapmanshow leadership interview with Kamran Akbarzadeh.

My name is Kamran Akbarzadeh an I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering and my business is leadership training.

Leadership is the way to success.

I been living the leadership life in Canada with my family for the past 10 years.

I have worked in the corporate world for the last 8 years. In 2009 I was inspired to found Dream Achievers Academy with the vision to add leadership value to people around the world and inspire them to live and lead on purpose. This led me to have a speech for 50-60 people and share with them my leadership philosophy in a framework that I called it Leadership Soup.

After the speech everyone was excited and encouraged me to write about leadership.

This was the seed for writing Leadership Soup book that became an Amazon best-seller in two categories. I write, speak, train, and coach about authentic leadership and organizational success. Through my services I help organizations transform their business and achieve long lasting success through authentic leadership. You can order the book at You can learn about Dream Achievers Academy by visiting and claim a gift package.

2.What is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic leadership is about being true to the self, acting with passion and integrity, having respect and love for others, and inspiring people to move toward achieving a great vision with hope and faith. You do not need any title to be an authentic leader though. Every one of us has the capacity to be an authentic leader as long as we properly link our true purpose in life with our passions and the people around us in an authentic way.

3.You Help organizations achieve productivity, profit, and prosperity. How does the organization know they are on the right track? What is the time frame?

Productivity, profit, and prosperity are the natural outcomes when we properly link purpose, passion, and leadership people together.

There are always markers that tell us whether we are on the right track or not. When people are excited about the vision of the organization, when they are happy with what they are doing, when they take responsibility and welcome challenge no matter what, when they listen to each other, trust their leadership team, and have respect for one another, the organization knows that they are on the right track.

When people at all levels in the organization start to link their personal purpose with the mission of the organization, when they start to link their personal passions and values with the values of the organization, and when they start to link their personal vision and dreams with the powerful and clear vision of the organization, we know that we are definitely on the right track.

It is a challenge to do this and certainly it takes time and commitment but when it is accepted and practiced magic starts to happen and productivity, profit, and prosperity are attained.

4.Share with us the need for change agents.

I believe that the 21st century is the century of authentic leadership not forceful management. With the enormous changes that the world is going through in the twenty-first century, we are in need of authentic leaders who are change agents and will help humanity go through this massive change and give birth to a new world of peace, love, and light—a world that is free from anger, greed, jealousy, and hatred.

Note that every one of us whether we want it or not is impacting the world either positively or negatively. You cannot say that I do not want to change the world. You are already doing it with your thoughts, words, and actions. So why not change ourselves in an authentic way in order to change the world with the right awareness so that the humanity moves toward peace and light?

5.You teach executives and leaders how to make a perfect ‘SOUP’ for their organizations through authentic leadership!

In the same way that we eat soup when we catch a cold because we want to feel better and regain our power and health, Leadership Soup provides a healthy yet tasty recipe for those who want to become more effective leaders by living on purpose and leading on purpose.

Leadership Soup is also an acronym for the framework I developed. Leadership is an acronym for the Soup ingredients, and Soup is the outcome. By using the ingredients of the Leadership Soup (that are Listen, Example, Act, Discover, Empower, Reward, Share, Hope, and Inspire), an authentic leader is guaranteed Success, Outstanding performance, Unity, and Productivity.

I have developed a coaching process called Leadership Makeover Process that helps people in organizations make their perfect SOUP in four stages. The program is composed of 12 sessions that take teams through a four-stage process. First stage is the assessment stage, second stage is diagnosis, third stage is transformation, and forth stage is manifestation. Those who are more interested in knowing about this process can go to All the assessments are free right now. So you can take advantage of them by checking out the website.

6.How to move from basic leadership to inspiring leadership and become a change agent for world transformation.

In Leadership Soup I have defined four levels of leadership: basic leadership, encouraging leadership, empowering leadership, and inspiring leadership. The higher the level of an authentic leader, the more influential and successful the leader will be.

All true leaders start from the basic level and climb up the ladder of the leadership triangle as they come to know themselves, live their passions, and serve others in various ways. In Leadership Soup I share various tools and techniques for moving from basic leadership toward inspiring leadership that is the highest type of leadership. Basically, the more authentic and soul conscious we are the higher the level of our leadership becomes.

7.Share with us some behind the scenes tips for marketing your book, business, what works for you?

Actually, I wrote Leadership Soup in order to approach organizations and share the message with them. This book is an introduction for the next steps that I am planning to take. I am thinking of a leadership makeover movement. In order to make this dream come true I approach organizations, provide one or two copies of the book for free, and request for a complementary presentation on why I wrote the book and how it can help organizations achieve long term success. Then I share with them the news for a live training event in June and my leadership makeover coaching program. It is tough to get into the structure of some organizations and find the right people though. However, it does not stop me from doing what I am doing. I am also finding the right people and collaborating with them in one way or another to spread the word. Definitely, radio shows like yours are very effective and helpful as well.

8.How to recognize limiting beliefs and transform them to empowering ones?

It is easy to recognize but challenging to accept. We can recognize our limiting beliefs when we react to something or someone, when we get angry, when we become defensive, when we do not accept change, when we are not happy, and when we become negative in one way or another. In order to transform our limiting beliefs to empowering ones, we need to upgrade our “Operating System” or what I call “Faith Blueprint”. There are various ways to do this upgrade. One of them is to be open-minded. When we open your mind to new ideas, information, thoughts, and insights, we start to replace our old limiting beliefs with new elevating ones. We may resist at the beginning, but gradually we open up and realize that we have changed for the better. By gradually wiping out our old and limited thought patterns, we can get out of where we are stuck and move forward.

9.How to develop and maintain a powerful and clear vision statement that inspires others in the organization to take action toward achieving it;

In Chapter 3 of Leadership Soup, I share a five-step process for creating a clear and powerful vision statement that works. I call it the five I’s: interview, imagine, identify, integrate, and ignite. I also talk about the five elements of a clear and powerful vision statement; that is, positive, in present tense, concise, challenging, and relatable.

In order to maintain your vision, I introduce a tool called Vision Alive which has four components: vision poster, vision caster, vision meter, and vision energizer. Vision poster simply demonstrates your vision on a poster. It is like painting your vision for others to see. Vision caster is a combination of ways by which you communicate your vision to people. A vision meter includes ways of determining your progress toward fulfilling the vision. Vision energizer is a process of energizing yourself and others to overcome the challenges on the way to achieving the vision.

10.Final comment: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Zooming out to check myself and see where I am, where I am heading to, and what I should do to get to where I should be. I encourage everyone to ask these three leadership questions from yourself everyday:

1-      Where am I right now?

2-      Where am I heading to (or where is my destination)?

3-      What actions should I take to get from where I am to where I need to be?

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