Growth life styles of the successful

Growth life styles of the successful

Growth and expansion are essential for a business to pull through and if that growth and expansion don’t happen then the business will fade.

Growth and expansion of business must be operated by the business owners or managers. If growth is overly slow, the business will lag behind the competition. If growth is too fast, the business can simply become over extended.

A steady controlled growth is the ideal. Naturally, the ideal and the reality are occasionally two very different things. Sometimes the terms ‘growth and expansion’ are a bit misinterpreted.

Growth, for instance, can mean acquiring knowledge and becoming wiser. Expansion can mean branching out and acquiring the knowledge base from which a company operates.

Growth then and now

A small internet based company doesn’t have to have the growth and expand until it becomes a giant multi-national company in order to survive.

The owners and managers of these internet businesses do have to grow by getting smarter and expanding by welcoming Modification with open arms.

Company owners and managers must grow with and conform to alterations as they happen. Internet changes happen a lot faster than they do out in the real world.

We all agree that developing, conforming and expanding is critical to the survival of any business and maybe especially to an Internet business. So the question is: What is the key to growth and expansion of internet based businesses?

Growth lessons from history

When real world companies grow and expand, they construct bigger buildings and hire more employees but that is not exactly an alternative for an internet-based business.

Investment is the key to being successful in internet business. Whether it is your time, money, or a mentor, investment is definitely the key to success.

Companies must be comfortable staying on the cutting edge of technology and they must be willing to adapt to changes as they occur.

Internet Business only grows when the individual who’s driving that business invests in his or her own knowledge and ability.

An internet business can’t expand by investing in hiring more individuals.

The bottom line is this: The key to uninterrupted growth and expansion of an internet Based or manager of the business. The short answer: Invest in yourself.

It’s absolutely true that time is the one commodity that most internet entrepreneurs have an extremely short supply of. Still there are methods to use time that would otherwise be of no value to invest in yourself. Here are a few tips that might help:

Use travel time to invest in yourself.

Set your clock for a half hour earlier and use that time to educate yourself.

After you stop working in the evening, use your computer to search for fresh information and ideas.

Naturally there are some things that are just going to take your time but you are able to choose wisely.

Attend webinars and teleseminars that are directly related to your business.

Attend seminars that are closer to your home and will require less travel time but will provide you with the information that you need.

We all have a comfort zone and all of us are extremely fond of our personal comfort zone. Nonetheless, staying in your comfort zone and resisting expanding your mind and your horizons can cause you and your internet business to fail.

There’s an old saying that says, “If it is not broke, do not fix it.” Well, ‘it’ does not have to be broken in order to be improved upon whatever growth ‘it’ is.

New ideas come along every day in the world of internet business. Some of those ideas are even good ones even if they do reside outside of our own personal comfort zone. So to continue to invest in yourself, you must be willing to leave your own comfort zone.

Nobody is saying that new is always better. New isn’t always better. Invest in yourself by increasing your knowledge and do not be afraid of trying new things and new ways of doing things. These really are the secrets of success and not just in the world of internet business but in life itself

Just about every internet marketer that I’ve ever known has worked at some kind of business other than internet marketing before they established their internet marketing careers.

It’s a funny thing about working on a job that pays you for the work that you do. You get into a ‘work-equals- money’ mentality. After all, when you work for other people, work does, in fact, equal money.

But when you launch an internet marketing career the work that used to make revenue for you now keeps you from making income.

It’s true. The work that you’re doing that you once got paid to do, like answering the telephone, answering emails, and filing papers is actually keeping you from making the deals that will put profit in your pocket.

Yet we continue to seek work because we’re programmed to think of work as the thing that constitutes making money. We get stuck in the ‘work-equals-money’ outlook that’s in reality is counter-productive to constructing a successful internet marketing endeavor.

We focus our time and energy on finding work for ourselves instead of on concentrating on our time and energy making the deals that will genuinely make money for us.

Think about it. What was your first job? Did you cut grass for a neighbor? Didn’t you get money after you had done the work? Naturally, you did. He wasn’t paying you to think…he was paying you to cut grass.

When you got older and got a job at the local hamburger joint, you got paid for cooking hamburgers and French Fries, you cooked the hamburgers and fries and then you got paid.

The owner of the burger joint was not paying you to find a better way to cook burgers or paying you to look for a new market to sell burgers. He was only paying you to do the work.

But now you’re not getting paid for doing the ‘work’ and growth. It’s true that the work must still be done but you don’t have to look for it. It will find you. What you need to be looking for now are the deals that will make you money.

What constitutes work?

What is work? The work involved that makes any business function is just the daily activities that must be accomplished in order for the business to work.

Phone calls must be answered. Emails must be read and responded to. Files must be kept orderly. The list goes on and on. No one is going to pay you to answer the phone, read emails or keep files in order.

This particular part of the job is not making you any money and it most certainly isn’t what you should be focused upon.

Once an internet marketing business has gotten up and running, it’s a really good investment to simply pay a virtual assistant to do the behind the scenes growth.

This sets you free to make the deals that actually make you money and make your internet marketing business expand.

You cannot do this right away, naturally, but you are able to use as little of your time as possible on routine tasks.

Until you are able to hire somebody to do this work for you, get it fixed as best as you are able to and move on the productive deal making.

How many hours are you spending daily writing and making posts to your blogs? Is this time actually making any money for you?

No, naturally, it is not. It’s just ‘work’. It’s work that other people could do just as well and you will see growth in your business.

Customer service is absolutely vital work that must be done. It must be done quickly and efficiently.

It might even be work that in the beginning at least that you must do yourself. There are companies and individuals out there that are,

Absolutely capable of handling this work for you and you do not have to make it harder than it needs to be.What constitutes making growth deals?

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