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How It Works

Videos for small business

Let’s face it people love buying hot new products that are not available anywhere else, by rebranding the apps you can set your own price and also sell the app for a premium as your own to build your loyal following of subscribers and customers!

Helping you get leads.

Create your hook & Story, Create your positioning content, Bio and platform. build your online presence, web site, blog, social media.

East Valley Marketing

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Social Media Business

Get help and scale with
1-on-1 skype assistance, weekly office hour calls, training webinars, and step-by-step tutorials!

Email Marketing Business

Save time and money with critical automation software to drive more traffic, leads
and sales for your clients and yourself!

Video Marketing Business

Crush Your Competition and 10x Your Traffic, Leads and Sales With
300+ Premium Templates

Chat Bots & Automation Business

Leverage our software, training, and resources to launch your own agency business and charge BIG bucks for your services!
SEO Business
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Email Marketing service

Web Design

Podcast Interview

Social media marketing

Traffic Strategies

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Background Removel

Chatter Pal

Podcast Interview

Video Marketing Business

Determine Your Launch Type & Traffic Strategy

The power of video

Our agency pricing model-50% Up Front, 50% On Completion;

This is my favourite method for charging clients & getting paid.

With this method, you charge your clients your fee & get them to pay you 50% of the agreed fee for the project. The remaining 50% will then be paid after the project is completed.

This works well for both your clients & yourself.

With the first deposit, you can start working on your client’s project, while your clients can relax & wait, knowing that they won’t make full payment until they are satisfied with your work.

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Supercharge Your Results Faster

Check out some incredible features

  • Video Repurposer - Convert dull, old and boring videos to scroll stoppers in minutes.  Add filters, shapes, frames, background, texts effects, colours, emojis and calls to action in minutes to ANY video!

  • Video Merger - Combine MULTIPLE videos into your own work of art. Convert multiple royalty-free video clips or mini-clips into full fledged sales videos without making any content yourself.

  • Video Resizer - Automatically resize any video into social media compatible format within seconds. Upload the video and select the size. Instantly get more engagement from your videos using this powerful video resizer app!
  • Video Speed Changer - Speed up or S L O W down videos. Convert long videos that were previously too long for social media and shorten the play time without loss in quality or cropping your message.

    Watch your click rates skyrocket as PROVEN pattern interrupt technology keeps more viewers engaged from start to finish!

  • No Length Limits - Create ULTRA long videos, with no length limits!

  • Commercial License - Use the app for your own or client projects and maximize your revenues!

Exclusive Bonus - Limited Time ONLY!
Get access to 100 additional BONUS video templates on top of the 100+ PREMIUM templates and the 5 new templates delivered to you each month for the next one year!  

We really want to stack the value here to to ensure your success. You are getting access to a total 360 total PREMIUM video templates as part of this upgrade.

The real world value of something like this is priceless. It takes days for our animators to create one template from scratch and integrate it into the app. We are putting our entire team to work, so you get maximize value and results!