Customers reached overseas

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Customers reached overseas

Customers reached potentially overseas – A social media site normally allows people from different countries across different continents to join as members. Therefore, a person with a social media account opens himself to opportunities like meeting customers from faraway lands.

New customers leads

Customers overseas for new leads.

What does this mean for businesses? Basically, you are opening yourself up to potential customers from different countries – not just potential customers from your motherland. If you believe that the products and/or services that you offer would appeal internationally, then having a social media account is a cheap way to reach viewers abroad.

Customers from different countries.

For instance, a beach resort which believes it might be internationally competitive might get the attention of foreigners by setting up a social media account. This may also be true for sellers of native products and other goods who want to sell their products to other countries and getting customers.

But what if you are only selling/offering products and/or services that are targeted to the locals? Well, you may still set up a social media account. After all, social media sites like Facebook allow you to advertise to customers in select regions.

Gain credibility in the modern society around the year 2003 when camera phones were still quite new, they quickly became a trend among customers. If you wanted to be cool, you should at least own one. Why? It is because a camera phone was the latest in technology during the time.

Overseas leads

Overseas social media customers.

Customers and camera phones

Having one was like a display of status. The same goes true for social media site and businesses. Having a social media account is currently the trend of the modern world. If you want to be ‘cool’ or ‘in’, you should at least have one.

And this also resulted in a rather bizarre trend among companies and brand names: if a company has a Facebook account, it shows that it is competitive, strong, and up-to-date for future customers.

There is an almost unexplainable appeal to a company that has a Facebook account. This may be because it gives potential customers an impression that you are moving with the trends.

And that is a good sign, in their eyes at least. Learn quickly what your customers are thinking Let us imagine a scene: a phone company is thinking of releasing an upgrade of a phone which it recently released to the market (about 2 months ago).

But the company is reluctant, thinking that current users of the previous model might react indifferently. To see how their customers will react, they posted on their Facebook account that they are planning to release an upgrade model.

Only hours later, hundreds of comments already flooded the said post – mostly negative reactions. There are two observations here which are of utmost importance to you: 1) the company did not have to spend just to know how their customers might react, and 2) the company got the results in only a matter of hours which is many times faster than any other method like sending out survey sheets to customers.

Run polls and surveys cheaply If you open a group account (ex. company, organization, personality, etc.) with Facebook for example, you are allowed the option of running a poll survey in which you have control over the answer choices.

You can also add as many choices as you like. Also, you will be able to see the results in an instant.

You can add more choices even after posting the question. This way, it becomes so much easier for you to gather information from your customers and potential customers. In the past, you would probably have to solicit surveys from your customers by sending survey forms via email.

This time, you only need to make one post on Facebook. You will be surprised that a lot of people are willing to share their opinion this way. TIP: Study shows that people actually enjoy answering poll surveys posted on social media sites.

On the other hand, they find it boring to answer polls and surveys sent via emails. Concentrate on target market niche When people sign up to social media sites, it is basic that they provide their personal information which includes among others the following: age, gender, nationality, current address, marital status, and others.

They may also include more in-depth personal information such as hobbies, interests, and others. So what’s in it for you? What’s in it for you is that most (if not all) social media sites actually allow you to search through their database using the aforementioned personal information as filters.

For instance, you can search users which are within an age bracket of 13 to 18. You can also specifically target women, married people, or people who listed basketball as one of their interests.

This means that you can use social media sites to find your target market niche. You can focus or concentrate only on the people that you want to reach. For example, you probably want to focus your advertisement on moms, dads, and/married individuals if you are selling baby products.

Later in this eBook, you will be taught how you can use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to target specific people. You will be taught how to use these functions.

THE FACEBOOK SUPERSTAR Let us get started with what is probably the most popular and most widely used social media site to date. As of February 2012, Facebook is recorded to already have 845 million users around the globe.

By using Facebook as a business tool, you can have access to these users. Getting Started With Facebook Before we tell you how to use Facebook to promote your business, we will first teach you how to set up a Facebook group account.

It is rather simple but there are some tricks to it. Setting Up A Group Account If you are using Facebook to promote a business, brand name, or a company, then you should open a group account instead of a personal account.

A group account can be set as any of following: » Local business or place » Company, Organization or Institution » Brand or Product » Artist, Band, or Public Figure » Entertainment » Cause or Community From the Facebook homepage, here is where you will find the button that will take you to the group sign up page:

So how is a group account different from a personal account? With it, you will not be able to add friends the same way as a personal account can. This means, there will not be a friend list that will show up. Instead, people can simply ‘Like’ your page and become subscriber.

They will then be listed in the ‘Members’ section. A group page is preferred when using Facebook to promote a business, company group, organization, and similar things. Activating All Features of Your Group Account In the beginning, you are not given full access to all the features of Facebook group page.

To activate all features of the page, you have to gather 25 likes from other users. This may be quite difficult to achieve. But there are ways to get this done easily. Here are some: 1) Ask help from all your friends and family members. It is likely that you know a lot of people who also have a personal Facebook account. Tell them to like your company’s Facebook page.

2) If your company works with a lot of employee, you can ask them to like the company page. 3) Advertise your page using Facebook Ads. This will be discussed later. 4) Like other groups so your profile will appear on their pages.

This way, people will find out about you and hopefully, they will like your page too. 5) Sometimes, if you ‘Liked’ a page, the owner of that page will ‘Like’ you back. And these are just some of the things that you can do to get your first 25 likes.

This is important to activate all features of your group account. Get this done before you proceed with the rest. Promoting Your Facebook Page After you have set up your Facebook group page and after you get your first 25 likes, it is now time to promote your Facebook page.

By ‘promote’ it means you want to get a lot of people to view your page. You also want them to ‘Like’ your page because doing so will subscribe them to all the announcements you will make on your page.

It is important that you get views and likes because it is the main reason why you even made an account. A social media page will not serve its purpose unless you get views and likes.

And simply opening an account and letting it sit still will not get you views and likes. You have to work in order to achieve this. So now that you already have a Facebook page for your business, it is now time to teach you how to become a Facebook superstar with lots of views and likes and new customers.

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