Cancer tragedy to transformation

Hollis Chapman Interview with cancer survivor Michele Howe Clark.

Tell us a little about yourself and your new book Face Forward the book you share about cancer.

We all have a story… here is mine…

My journey from tragedy of cancer to transformation has provided me with a hard core master’s degree in triumph in the face of despair thereby I became a Certified Cancer Thriver. My experience has never been the same after my life and death struggle with head and neck cancer which left me disfigured. I share my story in my book Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble.

 2.Share with us the cancer story in Face Forward.

When I turned 33, I was 40 days into living with head and neck cancer. The right side of my face drooped down: slack and paralyzed. My reality was distorted. The appearance of my savaged face was shocking. My right facial nerves were cut out from deep within the facial muscle. My ‘right’face now sagged. It was sacrificed for my chance to live.

I was gifted with an abrupt ending so that I could begin again from scratch.  I shed layers of wasted self like the skin of an onion being peeled away.  If I wanted a future I had to control my thoughts, today and everyday. When all this was taken away, I believed a new beginning had to be found.  I turned inward to discover that I was the source of all things. With my purpose rediscovered I began to Face Forward with my cancer.

3.The power is in the positive focus not the cancer.

When you focus on a thought for over 15 seconds the thought becomes a feeling, it is useful to know that you attract from your point of feeling.Cancer can  Change your focus and you can change your feeling with in 20 seconds.

4.The strength of vision, the healing of body, the gift of universal connection,what do you mean by this statement?

A vision of what you desire  and what you appreciate in life can give you motivation and reason when you really need it. When you take a moment and connect to the beating of your heart and you realize that your conscious is not controlling it.  You have the opportunity to you can see there is something greater that the sheer force of your conscious will. You find there is something to trust in.

5. My goal became to make my cancer body my friend, not my enemy, How did you do this?

When your body is sick, it is not fighting you, it is fighting for you.  The voice in your head that is condemning your body as traitor is also able to call your body friend. It is a choice to make. When I began to send love and care to my body with a deep gratitude for all it is doing for me, I found a way to create comfort actively.

6.Look around! what did you see?

I see a world blossoming with potential and bursting with opportunity. I see a way, a chance, a choice not to live with cancer.

7.Share with us! you turned 33 and was 40 days into living with head and neck cancer! why didn’t you just give up?

In the moment when the choice was laid before me disfigurement or death, my will to live surged forth and all that was precious sang with meaning. I knew I wanted to live until I died not spend my time worrying when.  I decided I was not a statistic, I was an individual and no averages defined me or my chances.  I began to ask actively for the help I needed to fight this Cancer.

8.What is yours? how can you help others with cancer? why should we turn to you?

There is not much out there giving inspiration for those facing cancer, I am a Certified Cancer Thriver, I will flourish no matter the choice by being proactively attractive. I help open the thrive space for my clients so they can free up their lives with choice and begin living their best life now.

9.Why the book? who needs to read the book? gives us some marketing tips on how you are getting your book out their.

The book is a cancer resource, first it shines light with a living example of swinging the odds in your favor and then backs it with practical tools that you can start using today to improve your perspective on cancer and stand in your power and step into your brilliance.

10.Final comment:What’s on your “Bucket List?” Top 5 things you’d still like to do?

Flip my negative scripts

Leading Questions

Receive Believe

Intentional Affirmations

Rewrite my beliefs that no longer serve me

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