Email marketing is your bread and butter.

Email marketing is your bread and butter for building a active email list.

Email Marketing is the bread and butter of any successful online marketing campaign. By capturing your leads’ emails, you can continually stay in contact and provide them more content of value.

Even if your website were to crash or someone hacked into your server, as long as you have safely kept your email marketing list with a private email server, you still will have your moneymaking prospect list with you.

Email marketing the art of making money

Thus, it is extremely important that we treat our email list with care and adopt good email marketing practices to achieve maximal benefits from our list.

Master One Of The Most Powerful Marketing Tools On The Internet

Email marketing is the art of making money from your email list. It is one of the ways to make money even if you don’t have a fixed blog. As long as you have a list of responsive prospects of customers whom recognize you as an expert in your niche, they will definitely be up for offers of value which you provide for them.

Well, if you have a website and you draw in some traffic, people will come, absorb some information and go away.

However, if you managed to capture their emails, you can  email them again and again – offering them nuggets of useful information or giving them offers that they might be interested in.

Marketers have recognized the potential of email marketing in generating huge profits, and has since then sought out to find the best ways to monetize their list through good email marketing practices.

Email marketing manage and capture leads.

This ultimate email-marketing guide aims to reveal these good practices so you can learn and apply the strategies to start raking in massive profits from your list.

Email marketing starts with your email list. What is a list?

Basically, it’s short for email marketing list or email autoresponder list.

These emails are the contact information of visitors who come to your site who are looking for specific information on your niche topic.

In order to build a list, you will need to have an email autoresponder set up. The two most common autoresponders in the market are:we are very happy with Constant Contact.

-Get response (

It is compulsory for anyone who wishes to start an online business to get an autoresponder account. This will be used to manage your subscribers and mass email your list with offers and information of interest.

Once you have an autoresponder account set up, you’ll have to set up a business system for collecting leads or subscribers, which I will go into detail via our ebook on list building essentials.

Now, with an email list, not only can you continuously build rapport with your subscribers, you can also offer them products of interest.

People are looking for specific information and they will leave forever once they have found out.

Email marketing traffic and you do not have a opt in plan in place is a waste

However, if you manage to capture their emails, you can continue to provide value and turn them into your loyal customers or followers. This is where the power of email marketing comes in.

But first, let us look at some list building essentials, for how can we make money through our list without a list to start with?

So how do you start building a list, exactly?

You will first need to set up your list funnel. It typically consists of 3 components:

  1. Landing page or Squeeze Page

  2. Free Gift or “Bribe”

  3. Opt in box

The landing page is a simple one page website which consists of a headline, sub headline, pitch & benefits and call to action.

The headline has to be eye-catching and bolded to immediately get your reader’s attention. The sub headline will reinforce the message of the headline.

The purpose of the page is to “bribe” a visitor to enter his name and email in exchange for a free gift. This could be an e-book, e-course or weekly newsletter.

The benefits are meant to explain what the reader would get from this free gift and to improve sign up rates.

Finally, in the call to action, you inform the reader that they must enter their name and email to get the free gift.

The place where the reader enters his contact information is known as the “opt in box”, which can be obtained from to email autoresponder host website.

Autoresponders like Constant Contact offer easy customizations for opt-in boxes to make boxes suit your site layout easier.

Alternatively, you can choose to put your opt in box in your blog or website to collect subscribers. The choice is entirely yours but landing pages often have higher opt in rates because visitors only have less choices – Opt in or don’t as compared to blogs.

There you have it; your list building system is ready. All you need is a bunch of traffic and you’re all set to build a huge list!

Now that you’ve learnt how to build your list, let’s head on to the concepts of email marketing.

The most important component of an email is your headline. If your headline fails to grab your reader’s attention within the first few seconds, the whole email is wasted – They won’t even open it!

So what are good headlines, exactly?

It has to ignite the emotions of curiosity and don’t seem like blatant pitching. You have to word it in a way that makes it seem interesting, in a way that would make someone want to open it.’

For example:

Subject: “This Hopeless Beggar Turned Into A Self Made Millionaire Within 6 Months!

A title like this creates curiosity – People would like to know how someone as disadvantaged – Like a beggar turned his life around. If even a beggar could do it, so could he/she!

Recently I came across another headline which caught my attention because it managed to include sexual vibes without coming off as spammy. Sex is a powerful emotion and strong motivator and often gets people (especially guys!) to look.

The title went something like this: “Subject: Don’t let your wife know you’ve seen this!”. As suggestive as it sounds, it worked in getting people to open it.

Try to play around with your words to find the right balance between curiosity generation and getting the message across.

Last but not least, it is highly important that your headline be relevant to the content of the email body, or else you’ll be essentially training your subscribers to treat your emails like rubbish!

Once you’ve managed to capture your list’s attention using powerful email headlines, let’s look into some useful email copywriting tips to make our emails count!

Remember, each time you email a subscriber; you take up their valuable time so your email has to either:

  1. Provide really good value OR

  2. Pitch something

It is highly recommended to send at least 5 emails of good value (spread out of course) before attempting to pitch something. That being said, let’s look at some great copywriting tips!

The first essential thing you must know about writing good emails, is to try not to be too formal. Retain a casual tone and people will be more receptive to your emails, content and offers.

Always address your recipient, whether a simple “Hi, Hey, Hello or guess what?”.

The key is to be nice in your emails but also demonstrate that you can provide immense value to your subscribers so that they will view you as an expert in your niche.

Let’s talk a little about good email practices.

Email line length shouldn’t be too long for better readability (preferably not more than 200 characters per line)

Always allow for “white space” between paragraphs so that everything does not look too clumped up.

Always end the note with a warm sign off or signature such as “best regards”, “to your success” or “with respect” (one of my favorites).

In the end of the day, these serve as great guidelines for good copywriting but you must also try and develop your own sense of style and writing method so that your readers can identify with you.

Ultimately, when you wish to pitch something, your most desired action would be to get them to click on your link (affiliate or not) which leads them to a sales page or landing page.

Your click-through rate would be the percentage of people who click on a link in your email from the number of people who open your emails.

In short, to get more profits, improve your clickthrough rate.

Here are some nifty tips for getting more clickthroughs:

  1. Use a link cloaker. Link cloakers have the ability to mask ugly looking affiliate links and can usually customize your links to make them look more credible


  1. Shorten your URLS! Nobody likes ugly looking long links, if you must, use a URL shortener such as Tinyurl ( or Bitly (

  1. Include a call to action before the link. E.g. “Check this out now” or “Click here if you’re in a hurry!” followed by the link

  1. Include special bonuses as an incentive for people to click on your link. When it comes to affiliate offers, people are often looking for the most lucrative offers before they buy something.

  1. Build your rapport. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Ultimately, if you want more click-throughs, you’ll have to first demonstrate value to your subscribers by giving them loads of free stuff or valuable content so that they will trust you.

In short, when you develop and practice these good email practices, your customers will become more responsive to your emails and you’ll experience a “breakthrough” in your “clickthroughs”.

 I’m going to share with you some advanced email marketing techniques for added profits.Please contact us.

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