Authoring your interviews with experts for your book.

Authoring your interviews with experts for your book.

Authoring and simply record interviews with experts or industry leadership and turn those interviews into chapters of your book.

I’ve witnessed interview books work well and I’ve seen them read like last year’s news. So prior to you grabbing your voice recorder and running off to talk to individuals, let me help you prevent making huge authoring errors.


Huge error #1: No goal other than to slap a book together.

Don’t simply decide that you ought to compose a book and a series of conversations. You have to produce something of value that individuals wish to read or there’s no point authoring the book. So determine a particular result for the reader. What’s in it for them?

Huge error #2: Lack of clearness for how the book benefits both you and your subscriber

If you don’t know precisely where you’re taking the reader with these interviews and how the book will locate you as the go-to authority, you’ll authoring a namby-pamby book that does little if anything for you as an authority and business owner and simply less for the reader.

Huge error #3: hapless choice of experts

You can’t simply interview somebody merely as they “do the correct thing” or bear the correct sort of business. If you do, you’re likely to have a difficult time authoring a book individuals wish to read.

Huge error #4: Failing to design your interviews

You can’t simply turn on a voice recorder and have your interviewee begin speaking. You either require a set of questions you ask each authority or a particular set designed to bring out the brilliance of the particular individual you’re interviewing.

Huge error #5: No overarching message or topic

You wish more than a set of chats put on paper (or into ebooks). Every chapter, and thus every interview, has to in some way move forward the book’s message.

Huge error #6: putting in nothing to the interviews

I don’t know how come, but individuals who compose this sort of book tend to simply turn transcripts into chapters and add nothing at all to them. If you do this, you’re not aligning yourself as the authoring authority and not adding to your own report.

Now that I’ve soundly rained on your parade, let me demonstrate how to produce an interview book that really establishes you as an industry leader worth listening to.

How  authoring the interview books

Measure 1: forge the flow (or outline or contents) of the book.

Choose what you wish each chapter to say based on your designated outcome. Your book isn’t at the whim of your interviewees. It’s up to you to determine it.

Measure 2: pick out the experts that equate to your chapters.


When you understand what has to be in your book, contact the best industry leadership who fit this profile. It’s crucial to select your experts well. Select them as they’ve a unique spin, a specialty, a strong story or another element that adds to the advantage of your book.

Measure 3: produce your list of questions that you’ll ask everyone.

This will provide you an overall structure for every interview that will produce a book that makes common sense to the reader. Allow room for 2 or 3 that are particular to each interviewee so you may showcase their brilliance.

Measure 4: Once you’ve your list of interviewees, arrange your schedule and get busy.

Add. 2-3 narrowed down questions you’ll ask your experts based on what you understand about them particularly. Make sure to make 2 recordings so you have a backup.

Measure 5: put together your book.

Make transcripts of the interviews. Why not add some of your own personality and expertness to each chapter? You may merely add an introduction and a conclusion with some of your own thoughts.

After finishing these steps, you have your authoring interview book. If you’ve put in your own thoughts, your book demonstrates your expertise instead of only adding to the great name of your interviewees. You may be proud of this book that boosts your business.

As most interesting expert interview sessions are either audio or visual, the quality of the production is quite important. Poorly produced work will not be able to stay competitive and garner the desired target audience. Therefore avoid substandard work.

What To Stay Away From

Equipment used should also be able to successfully create a good piece of quality work. Avoid using computer or webcam microphones when trying to keep cost down in doing an expert interview.

Some costs are just not stinging on. If the audio quality is poor the target audience will not be able to enjoy or focus on the message, thus causing the quick loss of interest.

Though having a general script to follow, diligently keeping to the script would not allow the freedom of the parties involved to express what they need to and thus giving the target audience a rather bland experience.

Avoid the insincerity of prepared scripts because as a marketing tool the customer will definitely not feel comfortable nor be adequately convinced to make a purchase.

Avoid length expert interview sessions. Even if the product, service, or material being featured is very interesting, designing a long drawn session will only end up working adversely towards the promotion of the content.

Also designing the content to consist of too much technical information should be avoided. Most viewers are not really interested in the technical aspects of anything and would rather just know how the item can benefit them. Furthermore those who require more technical information will be more willing to seek the information needed.

When time and money is a dominating factor in the daily routine of an individual, the element of wasting either is avoided at all costs. Therefore in order to get and hold the attention of an individual long enough to ensure the general context of the expert interview has been understood, some things needs to be seriously avoided. Hopefully this post has given you some insight into what is needed to use this authoring technique of marketing.

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