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 Interviews on the #hollischapmanshow is a great way for small businesses, authors to get much needed exposure because there’s no traveling involved. The hollischapmanshow s interviews can be done over the phone. Just call in when you’re scheduled to speak and no one will be the wiser! Interviews on the hollischapmanshow lasts 30 minutes. Talk radio interviews are usually longer than music radio stations. In fact, most music radio interviews last anywhere from five to twenty minutes and are squeezed in during songs and radio commercials while talk radio interviews usually last anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes in length.When doing your research for the hollischapmanshow  to be interviewed on, make sure you take the time to do your homework. Check out the hollischapmanshow website, listen to the host you’re interested in getting interviewed by, get familiar with his/her interview style, and listen for what works and what doesn’t. Getting a better understanding of the podcast can help you determine if your interview will be the right fit, thus helping you in pitching your interview to the station’s producers.Things to keep an eye out for are:

  1. What type of podcast is it?
  2. Who is the audience? Authors,Small business owners, Concultants, Experts,
  3. What types of interviews has the show done in the past? Which ones were most successful and which ones were flops? Why or why not?
  4. How long do the interviews usually last?

Things you need to do when you get the call to be interviewed:

  1. Jot down the logistics of the call, such as: the date and time of the call, who you spoke with to confirm the interview, and what you discussed during the phone conversation.
  2. Ask specifics, such as:
    • What is the date and time of the interview? Every Tuesday and Friday at 10 AM MST.
    • What is the contact information for the show: email, web address, phone and fax number, street address, and podcast host is Blogtalkradio - name and frequency.
    • Will they call you or will you call them? Guests call into the show, 3 mins before show time for sound check.
    • What is the name of the host or hosts? Hollis Chapman
    • Does the show allow you to mention your product or business by name during the interview? Are you allowed to say your website address or business contact information over the air?
    • Will it be a question and answer segment or will you be giving some sort of speech?
    • Will the podcast take callers and if so, how many and how in-depth can you go with your answers?
    • Can you provide prizes for podcast callers during or prior to the interview?
    • Is there anything you can do to help promote the interview?
    • Will you receive a recorded copy of the show and may you use excerpts for other promotions?

Things you need to send to your contact person (usually the show’s producer) at the radio station:

  1. A follow-up letter confirming the date and time of the show. Also confirm the phone number you’re to call and a back up number in case you can’t get through.
  2. Sample questions the host can ask you during the interview.
  3. Any background information you think will be relevant to the show.
  4. Any prizes you promised for on air contests.
  5. A publicity kit which should include information about your product or service, endorsements, a headshot (so they know what you look like, sometimes having a face to the name helps make the interview feel more in-person), contact information, and any relevant promotional materials.

Things you need to do during your interview:

  1. Make comments that reference back to your product or service.
  2. Answer questions in detail, but don’t give away the store. Get the listeners so hyped up, they’ll want to go out and buy your product or service.
  3. Keep a list of important topics or words handy so you can reference it when answering the host’s questions. Your list should help jog your memory should you get stage fright as well as help you lead the interviewer into asking questions that help sell your product or service, without actually selling it.

Things you need to do after the show:

  1. Immediately ask for a letter of recommendation from the podcast host.
  2. Send a thank you letter to your contact person at the podcast station.
  3. Send a thank you letter to the host.
  4. Share your experience with colleagues so they may contact the station for an interview, and in turn share their contact information with you.

The best thing you can do before your interview is practice being interviewed by colleagues. The best thing you can do during the interview is relax, listen, and have a good time. Remember, you’re there to promote your product or service, but you’re also there to educate and entertain—don’t be afraid to have a little fun.