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100 Additional Ready-Made Video Templates Video Repurposer:Convert any video into a social video (like square videos, meme videos and all the popular social media video formats that are proven to get more engagement, clicks and sales!) Video Speed Changer: Speed up or slow down any video! Most social media platforms only offer 30 to 60 second video. So you can convert long videos into social media compatible videos. Add that extra oomph to any video by adding slow motion or fast effects to captivate more attention. Video Merge: Merge multiple smaller videos created with the app or your old videos and create a long video. Create sparkling new long videos from short royalty free clips.


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  • Share your traffic-driving videos from your phone using our mobile app, included with your access
  • Manage your video submissions to platforms like TikTok and Instagram on the go!
  • This is the ONLY app on the planet that lets you direct-post your videos to TikTok & Medium …


East Valley Marketing brings a LOT to your table:

Challenge #1 => “I Don’t Have Enough Traffic!”

SOLUTION: Create enaging videos and publish to 11 biggest social platforms to grab new eyeballs to your offers and get a flood of new customers!

Challenge #2 => “Online Advertising is CRAZY Expensive!”

SOLUTION: This software ELIMINATES the need for paid ads. East Valley marketing includes all the tools you need to find powerfully engaging content, create attention-grabbing videos, AND generate non-stop FREE

Challenge #3 => “Competition & Ad Costs Have Put Facebook, YouTube & Instagram Out of Reach!”

SOLUTION: East Valley Marketing  integrates perfectly with new and popular platforms TikTok, Medium & Reddit for audiences your competition isn’t even aware of!

Challenge #4 => “I Don’t Have Time To Find or Create Engaging Content”

SOLUTION: Our revolutionary "market pulse technology" automatically finds the HOTTEST viral trends, hastags and influencer posts within minutes for any keyword or niche. Easily create enagaging videos around these viral trends and get traffic and sales!

Challenge #5 => “Creating Videos Is A Hassle!”

SOLUTION: Enjoy 200+ READY-MADE video templates you can customize in seconds… Even use videos made by OTHERS! Change backgrounds, images, texts & logos for eye-popping branded videos in minutes… without ANY experience.

Challenge #6 => “I’d Prefer Not To Make Videos At ALL”

SOLUTION: No video? No problem! You’re covered with our first-of-its-kind "social video calendar" that’s loaded with 365 COMPLETELY done-for-you videos … Schedule these to social media daily for a hands-free boost in engagement, branding and exposure!

Challenge #7 => “I Don’t Have Tech Skills!”

SOLUTION: VideoDashboard is point & click easy to use. We custom-designed this app to be 100% beginner proof - ZERO tech skills needed! Step-by-step video tutorials are included.