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Self-discipline is the associate of will power-it empowers with stamina to hold on in whatever one does.

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Self-discipline is the associate of will power. Self-discipline and will power is the power to subdue laziness and procrastination. It’s the power to command or reject unneeded or injurious impulses. It’s the power to arrive to a decision and follow it with doggedness till its successful achievement. It’s the inner might that overcomes the desire to indulge in unneeded and worthless habits, and the inner strength that overpowers inner emotional and mental opposition for taking action. It’s among the fundaments of success, both spiritual and material. Self-discipline is the associate of will power. It empowers with the stamina to hold […]
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Video marketing mayhem is going on Roku and Amazon Fire TV

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Video on the  internet marketing have always been evolving. Back then, it was article marketing. Then came the paid advertising era of PPC and PPV. Today, we have Video Marketing. Learn how to harness one of the most profitable tools streaming on tv. Roku and Amazon Fire TV. What is video marketing? Video marketing is the art of using videos to market and grow your business. This could be in the form of using videos for getting leads, building traffic or selling a video product. Video marketing is great because it has the ability to grow virally. Viral marketing as […]

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