Your product is the Event

The most important thing is marketing & promoting the Event.

You’ll need a venue,(Inspire Courts in Gilbert ) acts to promote,(girls club volleyball) and you need financial and crowd controls.You need temporary staff. Many individuals will volunteer just to see the event for free.


Volleyball Event

They will be good for non-strategic jobs at your event.

Money handlers for the vendors,you must have a tried and true,personally vetted, paid staff that will show up on time,and ready to work.

Extra money can be made at a volleyball tournament with t-shirts,snacks,and recruiting service that can provide information for college bound student athletes.The vendors can either pay you for being a vendor at your event or they create and supply the merchandise to sell,and pay you a percentage of sales at the end of the tournament.

How do you get people to buy tickets and come to your event? You promote the happening by talking about your upcoming event on the radio and TV. It’s not hard to get interviewed on stations listened to by your target audience.You give away tickets to the event,you drop names mentioning that college scouts will be their looking for talented student-athletes.Talk up the tournament at other events and this will help you sell tickets.

When you go on an interview program you will announce that the official list price of the tournament is $175 but the first 50 listeners who send in just $25 each for their tickets get in at a $35 discount. Then regardless of how many call, they all get $25 entry fee! You name and address of all ticket buyers so they become your customer list in the future events.

Contact every radio and TV station in town, especially call-in and talk radio shows, and have the stations give away free tickets to every seventh caller, every hour on the hour for your event. This works like crazy.The hollischapmanshow promotions does this very successfully,and through these give-away ticket promotions received Free publicity worth for more than the retail value of the tickets.

More tricks of the trade for getting teams to your event.

You ask everyone you come in contact with if they can think of other tricks of the trade to help promote and sell tickets to your event. Naturally,you get free articles in the press by calling on the reporters who handle the sporting section. You place free ads, paid ads. Maybe you hire a good public relations expert to help you on a contingent fee to get more free exposure. Where possible, you trade $50/tickets for the things you need,printing,posters,billboards, T-Shirts,staff to do preliminary clean up and posting of information online.

What could giving away a $50,000 prize, paid for by Odds On Promotions do for your next direct mail,email,radio show? How about helping you achieve up to an 8% response rate for your event!

Are you interested in motivating a crowd? email us today at  or call us at 520-829-0088 and we can help you with your event.

Volleyball Southwest will be running a promotion for their April event-To participate in the promotion,viewers needs to register at for the cue to text during the hollischapmanshow Friday show.The first 50 viewers to text WIN to that day’s short code would get a unique list of prizes.At the appointed time, the station would reveal a randomly drawn list of events and stars.

If any viewer’s line – up matched the hollischapmanshow winning line up they would score cash.

Lets us help you drive more revenue this spring with sports promotions that will help you score  more customers at you event.

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