Your Home Base Business should consist of three parts.

Home base business needs to consist of three overlapping parts.

Home base business itself comes last of the first. This entire process can be summed up as this,expose,involve,and upgrade.

Each part will expose the reader to more information about the product,service,or the home base business.It will involve them at great levels as they become a customer,and each product will  then sell the next product or stage in the process.

Home base business

What are your home base incentives?

Part A: You need a low cost,(under $50),high volume retail product that funds your advertising,erases your expenses, and produces a never-ending source of leads for your home base business.This is reffed to as an SLO,or self liquidating offer.

Your retail product back-ends (sells) Part B and /or C of your home base business.

Part B.This is a medium to high cost ($75-$1,5000) back end product that puts real cash in your pocket.(This may also be a Fast Start Bonus that usually paid out by a company for new customers/reps).This is your monthly bread and butter cash profit that you can use to pay the bills,invest,etc.

Part B sells Part C in your home base business.

Part C. Is a direst sales opportunity that creates long term, leveraged residual income through the monthly small recurring purchases made by a substantial distribution channel.(Your down line organization).

95% of people in home base business start with Part C,which is why they end up spending themselves out of the business. The average person can’t create cash fast enough to pay for their expenses or learning curve,let alone create a full-time income!

As a home base business owner retailing an SLO is the critical and often missing link in marketing today.It’s where your seed money is generated that funds your home base business until the back end residual from your business starts to payoff.

Home base business tip- do not try and retail the actual product of your business in a major way unless it is a weight loss product.Why? Because you can’t market 90% of health products through direct response/direct mail.If you could, your company wouldn’t need you!

This home base business Part A,B,C, model is used everywhere in the real world.

Just take a look at the car business. Think the dealers and manufactures make all their money with the cars they sell? Nope!

The car is just an excuse and one small cog in the system which then sells you financing,floor mats,insurance,and extended warranty,etc.

Think McDonald’s is in the hamburger business?They’re not.

There is no profit there. The $1 burgers are there to get you in the door (the magnet),so they can charge you 50 cents for a slice of cheese and sell you cola and fries, which have massive profit margins.(Expose,involve,upgrade).

McDonald’s is not in the hamburger business. They’re in the carbonated sugar water business.

You think Subway is in the sandwich business?Not anymore. They are in the weight loss business.Just ask Jared.

They front end you on a low-fat sandwich(magnet),and then back end you on the high profit beverage and chips.

Think Las Vegas is in the gambling business?

Wrong again.They are in the entertainment business.

Just look at their latest ads: What happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas.

They advertise everything BUT the gambling it’s all about the wild girl’s night out on the town. The five star restaurants. The lights. The show. The themed hotels.The experience.

They don’t sell you on gambling. They sell you on fun and memories because that is what people really want… A good time! The casinos are back end product of Vegas! (Which is always where the Real money is made!)

Your home base business should have all the incentives,comps,lights,and entertainment that will be used for magnets to get people to you.That is where the real selling begins.

Trying to sell your home base business opportunity up front as your only product is like a subway without sandwiches or a Las Vegas with nothing but slot slot machines along the street-Not a very appealing offer. Do you think your home base business is just a vitamin business?

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