Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Want more than 15 minutes of Fame?

The old axiom,”success breeds success” is so true to get fame.The media likes to climb on a moving bandwagon.Consequently the more exposure you get,the more exposure you’ll get.And you can see to it that this happens by recycling your publicity.Reprints allows you to impress.Inform.Motivate>Educate.Persuade.

keep the fame going by recycling any print coverage.

Recycle any print coverage that appears.It doesn’t matter that the original publication’s circulation base is smaller than your neighborhood.What counts is what you  do with it!Although an amateur will be satisfied with what fame they get,a pro will milk it for all it’s worth to stay in the limelight.That marketing pro will double and triple the bang for their publicity buck.

If fame is what you want put a strategy in place to get it and keep it.

Adverise for fame

I have a specific strategy for recycling my publicity.Because i belong to many associations that publish newsletters that include”member news,”i have all those newsletter editors on a database.When something happens,i write a generic news release and customize the beginning to match their format.Then i mail,fax,Facebook Fan Page,Twitter,email,it immediately.Publicity is sort of like a boomerang: you have to throw it before it can come back.Consider being incestuous:do a press release about your press release!

Fame can come from everything written or broadcast about your company.

Get copies of everything written or broadcast about your company.It’s important to keep track of your fame clips.If you’re doing a local campaign,you can probably track down any article with an observant eye,a few phone calls,and perhaps a web search.For a broader PR campaign,use a clipping service to capture what is said about you.

Getting fame from newspapers and magazines article are tough because they are often missed the first time around.Yet articles make people think your company is important and unique because the publication chose to write about you.Obtaining reprints provides a way for you to make sure existing and potential clients,customers,suppliers,bankers,stockholders,etc,get a look.

With the Social networking age firmly in place we can re post as much as we have to get the fame we desire.Putting your logo,address,phone number,Fan Page, QR Code,web site for added impact.have your QR Code in and a framed copy to hang in your reception area,office,or shop,also add your QR Code to all your out going mailing.If you own a retail establishment,put copies on  the counter with a “Take One” sign.Put together a special offer for your customers using your QR Code,”Buy One Get One Free”The QR Code will get people talking and you are promoting walk in traffic.

The QR Code and the print pieces solidify your credibility.They provide an ideal,low-key reason to get in front of prospects and should be used as a mailing for anyone you’re tying to woo.Send copies to current clients or customers as well.Use them as enclosures in virtually everything you mail,post,email.Use quotes from the pieces in your marketing and sales materials.Mention any articles in your company newsletter.Put them up on your website.And when soliciting additional publicity,include what has already been done.This fame tip helps establish your newsworthiness.

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