You are Worth a Fortune Online!

You are an expert that has so much worth to share with so many people.

This concept will help you  show worth and to develop a strategy that will work for you and your target audience.But how do you package that information and expertise for the web? How do you provide enough information to attract visitors to your website,without giving away the store? And show them your worth and make money from the content you want to sell?

Write it down to show your worht

Only you  know your worth and what is best for your clients.

You know whether or not they will respond to online talk shows,Facebook Fan page,Twitter,and writing a strong SEO blog.You know whether they want quick tips,books,training on social media.You know their problems and the  way to provide your expertise in the form of information and information is structure. The three common forms of information available is structure. The three most common forms of information available online are.Tips,Groups of Tips and Articles.

Show your worth by giving Tips.

The smallest piece of information that you typically create is a tip.You show your worth all the time! People ask for suggestions or a quick how to and you rattle it off.You’re not even aware of how many tips you give in a week’s time.So I’m going to raise your worth consciousness.

First list three areas where you think you are worth an expert.

These may be in the professional realm or the personal realm.Are you a parent? Do you have a hobby?Next, choose one of these areas of expertise and write five show your worth tips on it.

As you work with worth information.

You will find one of the basic tenets is to repurpose and reformat information.let’s look at how that idea works with tips in an online environment.

Worth will be seen when they ask you Questions.

One of the most effective ways to show your worth on your website is to have an Ask the Expert column.For example,view different websites to get ideas.To get started with Ask the Expert column,think of questions that your customers would ask..people always have questions-you hear them every day in your business.When you make a sales call or give a should know the top ten questions your customers ask.With those questions in mind,formulate your answers and create a separate page and form for viewers to ask additional questions.

You can keep your Ask the Expert column interactive by changing the questions and answers weekly.

Grow your worth fast with Groups of Tips.

Promote your worth by offering a free gift to your customers.Best of all you can take your print booklet and also offer it online viewing for sale or as a give away.

Tips booklets are a wonderful source of income and publicity.But there are several other ways you can show your worth and use a group of tips.

Provide a tip of the day(or week) Facebook Fan page,Twitter,email subscription. Many people are more likely to read a short tip than an entire email newsletter.

Worth can be provided with a tip of the day(or week) as a pop up window or being “Like” on your Facebook Fan page where they have to click the button.

Send !show them your worth postcards via traditional mail.

This will draw attention to your business and to your website,postcards if you tell readers they can get more worth tips at your website.

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