Work at home special report

How to market your Special Report

Sell our special report in the back of the room during public speaking engagements.

Special Report

Set a shopping cart for your reports.

Sell your special report on your website and be sure to tell customers the subtopics they include. Each report for sale at my website includes a You will learn section, with five or six bulleted items on specific things people will learn if they buy the report.

Send a shorter version of your special report to the  media, and mention at the end of the article, in the identifier paragraph,that you have special reports on similar topics at your website.

Excerpt a few tips from each special report at your website to give people a flavor of what they will be getting.

Send them free to clients as a way of thanking them for doing business with you.

Offer excerpts or shorter version of your special report to publishers of print and online newsletters. Don’t forget the valuable identifier paragraph at the end that tells people who you are, what you do,how they can find you,and a link to your website. Ask editors how many words they want,and then write to fit.

Tuck your special report inside your media kit or business portfolio.

Give away your special report, or give customers two or three special reports of their choice for free, as an incentive to buy one of your more expensive products. Consider bundling special reports by topics and offering them at a discount price. For example,six special reports on how to make a sales call that normally sell for $7 each can be offered for $35. Bundle your special report with other products such as books and audio tapes, and sell  them as a package.

Keep a database of every customer who buys your special report and ask them if it’s alright to contact them later when you write more reports they might want to know about. Send postcards or an e-mail to them as soon as you have written a new one.

How to price your special report.

Your special report can be priced from $5 to $10.I sell mine at $6 each. You can also offer them in groups of three at a discount rate. I offer all 35 special reports in a Value pack for $195 and let customers save $50 if they buy the entire package.

If you are offering hard-copy reports,consider selling them for at least double what customers would pay for the electronic version. You have to cover the cost of the paper, envelope, the postage stamp,plus the trouble it takes to print and mail the report.

If you publish an e-zine, promote the special reports heavily,choose topics that will tie in nicely to your special report that you have for sale. Then write a small promotional piece with three or four solid tips and create a link to the shopping cart on your website.

Special report and your website.

Set up a shopping cart on your website so that customers receive your reports by auto-responder. If you don’t accept credit cards at your website, start now,or lose what could be thousands of dollars in sales.

Update your special reports at least once every two years. If you mention a website in your report, for example, check two years later to make sure it’s still a live website. Double check all phone numbers and other information. Also, cross-promote your reports whenever possible.

Don’t worry about the cover. Just be sure all contact information is at the top of the first page. Customers do not expect fancy graphics and a document that looks attractive. All they want is solid information.

Place a copyright notice at the top and the phase “Reproduction strictly prohibited.” Remove that phrase when you send your special report to the media.

Note:if you hire a freelance writer, there is no need to include the writer’s name on the report. It can be ghost-written under your name.Call or e-mail us today if you need more help getting your reports ready.

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