Why You Should Own A Home

Home ownership has long been more than just part of the American dream.It has also been the ticket to financial success for millions of people.

It can be for you,too.All you have to do is pick the right house.That’s what making your  home your best investment can do for you:Help you become a successful home investor. Among other things, that means buying a house that’s:

Just right for your family in terms of size and features.

In the best neighborhood you can  afford.

Close to good schools.

Near the amenities you want-maybe a golf course,with great shopping close by.

Without major flaws such as cracks in the foundation, or a badly-leaking roof.

Not near such undesirables as freeways, airports and cemeteries that can keep your home from appreciating in value.

Remember the Golden Rule of Real Estate Investing: Location,Location,Location!

There are two parts to making your home your best investment:

1.Finding the right home at the right price.

2.Picking a location that fits your needs,and that will appeal to other people when you wont to sell.

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