Why Every business Must have A Blog

There are five major reasons why you,as a business owner,must integrate a Blog into your marketing strategy.

1.A blog is easy to set up,simple to maintain,and the easiest way to get an online presence to begin publishing content and branding yourself.

2.Your Blog can get free traffic from search engines.

The social marketing websites,and other blogs by following the simple steps that we can show you.Blogging really is the easiest way we know of to quickly generate leads and traffic for your business with out spending a ton of money.

3.A good blog be used to get better results with your article marketing.

Press releases,podcasts,video marketing and other tactics that we can show you.Because of they are structured,search engines like Google love them,and we are going to show you how to use them to get more mileage out of your marketing efforts.

4.Your blog  is looked at as more credible than sales letters,advertisements,brochures,corporate, websites and other types of marketing. Therefore,your visitors will be less likely to have their guards up while on your blog so long as you are providing real valuable content.

5.A blog is an interactive and dynamic publishing medium.

Meaning your blog is not static like websites that sit there and do nothing. When you publish content,others can comment on your posts and add their thoughts and feedback.This adds a social dynamic to your marketing and essence allows you to build your own community of loyal readers and contributors.


This is not your goal.You should deliver value and gain loyal readers who you will attract and pull not push into your marketing funnel.

Choosing a Topic.

There are some important market research related questions to consider before you launch your blog.

Who is your market and what do they want,need,fear,and desire?

What aspect of your market are you going to focus on?

Who are your competitors/potential partners?

What is the specific goal(s) you would like to achieve?

Take some time to reflect on these questions. Your answers will go a long way in helping you determine your blog topic and the unique positioning of your blog that will set it apart from everyone else out there.

Getting Started Using The Xango Example:

Let’s use our network marketing company Xango as an example of how we might begin the process of choosing a topic for our blog.

let’s make a list of the answer to the first question,’Who is your market”

You’ll notice I’m writing a list of anyone I can think of that might be a good candidate for my business or service,and then I’m breaking these into very specific topic and sub-topics.

Prospects already searching for information on Xango,or our Online exposure service.

People searching for information on the Xango business opportunity.

Xango Juice business traing.

Distributors from a network marketing company that just went out of business.

People wanting to reverse the effects of aging.

Immune Function

Protection of heart muscle.

Lower cholesterol & Triglyceride levels.


How to get free leads.

Now that you have a list of potential prospects within your market, you  can now choose the main theme of your blog.

With the information above, i could choose any niche to focus-in on depending on my goals,For example,if i wanted to grow distributors base,I might decide to specialize in something like online exposure and growing your down line.

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