Why Blogs are important for every Business.

There are five major reasons why every business must have  blogs.

As a business owner,absolutely must integrate blogs into your marketing strategy.Here they are:

Reason 1Blogs are easy to set up,simple to maintain,and the easiest way to get an online presence to begin publishing content and branding yourself.

Reason 2 You can get free traffic from search engines,social marketing websites,and other blogs by following the simple steps that we lay out for you.Blogging really is the easiest way i know of to quickly generate leads and traffic for your business without spending a ton of money.

Reason 3 You can use blogs to get better results with your article marketing,press releases,podcasts,videos, and other tactics we can help you set up.Because of the way blogs are structured,search engines like Google absolutely Love them,and we’re going to show you how to use them to get more mileage out of your marketing efforts.

Reason 4 Blogs are looked at as more credible than sales letters,advertisements,brochures,corporate websites and other types of marketing.Therefore,your visitors will be less likely to have their guards up while on blogs so long as you are providing real valuable content.

Reason 5 Blogs are interactive and dynamic publishing medium,meaning they are not static websites that sit there and do nothing. When you  publish content,others can comment on your posts and add their thoughts and feedback. This adds a social dynamic to your marketing and in essence allows you to build your own community of loyal readers and contributors.

Blogs are not your personal billboards.

People read blogs because they want either information or entertainment.Create and maintain blogs with this in mind,and don’t blatantly post advertisement without delivering value.

There are some important market research related questions to consider before you launch your blogs.

Who is your market and what do they want,need,fear,and desire/

What aspect of your market are going to focus on?

Who are your competitors/potential partners?

What is the specific goals(s) you would like to achieve with your blogs?

Take some time to reflect on these questions. Your blog will be much stronger and bring in better traffic when you determine your blogs topic and unique positioning of your blogs that will set them apart from all the others.

Step 1 Make a list of the answers to first question.

Step 2 Choosing a blogs platform.

You have two types of blogs platform to choose.

The first choice is a stand alone blog platform such as the popular WordPress.org.

The second is  hosted blogs platform.Services like blogger.com or WordPress.com are examples of these and both are free.

launching your blogs.

Register a domain

Get a hosting account

Point your domain to your hosting account

Customizing your blogs.

Now that your blogs are up and running, you might want to customize the look and feel or add some extensions to enhance the usability or add features. The wonderful thing about WordPress is that it’s totally open source,and you can find  thousands of plugins and themes online for your blogs.

The purpose of your blogs is to educate and/or entertain people who might be interested in your topic.If you can engage your visitors by providing them unique,quality content,then you are much more likely to be able to get your readers to take some sort of action,be that

Posting a commnet

Subscribing to your newsletter

Subscribing to your RSS feed

Clicking on your advertisemeent

Or whatever goal(s) you decided on originally for your blogs.

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