Who is qualified to teach your marketing seminar?

A major contribution to the success of the alternative education marketing seminars is the selection of highly qualified speakers .


Marketing for qualified teachers.

By and large-the most qualified people to teach marketing seminars for alternative education schools fall into three types:

They are:

Expert in a particular marketing field who work by day in a business related to the given topic that they are to teach.

Expert in a particular field who wish to share their hobby with others.This person does not work by by day in a business related to given marketing topic they are to teach,but rather have developed their expertise by actively engaging in the subject as a peripheral interest or hobby.

Expert in a particular field whose major source of income is communicating this knowledge,either through speaking engagements,teaching at public or private schools,or authoring books.They get their names out their via marketing,an example of this type of instructor is the author of “How to Enjoy Being Single”who teaches a class by that same name.

It is a good idea to remember that the qualified instructor must first and foremost be capable of effectively communicating his or her expertise to an audience.This means possessing a good speaking voice,a professional appearance,a confident attitude,as well as a full knowledge of the subject matter to be taught.

If an instructor cannot entertain and captivate the attention of an audience,then that marketing instructor simply will prove more of a liability than an asset,no matter what level of expertise the instructor has reached.

The major of the marketing classes are attended at night(approximately 80%) by students who have just left work(approximately 70%) or who at least are on the latter quarter of a long day.

It is not unheard of for 75 percent of the students in a class to complain or demand refunds when a teacher is unable to communicate his or her point.

Finding qualified marketing instructors

These people can be found through a variety of methods,the most common being:

Private business

Proposals solicited directly to your program

College and University continuing education programs

Advertisements and marketing in local papers

public and private schools teachers

Social media groups

Various reasons that motivate individuals to teach seminars.

1.Ego gratification.Perhaps the biggest and most overlooked motivator is ego.A person’s confidence and self-worth are raised through the simple act of sharing his or her expertise on a topic that they enjoy.

2.Contact with potential clients.For private business owners,this motivation can be the deciding factor on whether or not they will teach.

3.Publicity for books.Many times an author will teach in an attempt to gain publicity for his or her book.

4.The distinction of being labeled an expert or an authority on a subject.Teaching is perhaps the easiest way to gain this reputation.

5.Free publicity for their business.Simply by virtue of their appearance in the catalog,many instructors are contacted directly by  clients who have no interest in participating in their class.

6.Extra income for performing a service that they enjoy.Although the weakest of the motivational forces,the promise of additional income cannot be ignored.

The next step in finding an marketing instructor to teach is to search the local business,news,or entertainment guides,social media groups for anyone who is currently speaking on the topic.

Compile a list of any leads that you may have obtained from the above resources and contact the appropriate individuals as you did from the list of business owners.

Solicit their involvement in you marketing program,keeping in mind the negotiating points of ego gratification,contact with potential clients,publicity for books.Distinction of expertise-free advertising and marketing for additional income.

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