What to do to make your website successful:

1.Make your site Multifaceted:

Covering alot of interests,saving money,travel,business,marketing.

2.Limit the Graphics.

Put up photos of yourself.

3.Grow organically with a long -term-strategy.

Offer alot of value to your visitors in the form of free content and promote through techniques that have lasting impact,rather than the latest fads.

Rules to live by;

Never spam

Capture visitor addresses- but only through true opt-in

let the visitor find content through the  tool that works best for that person.

Participate actively in discussion groups,it takes time,but many visitors come to your website because they are impressed with your post. They will already like you, and are predisposed to do business with you.

Give a reason to visit the website,because it provides information that answers a question someone posted,for instance.And unlike spamming, this strategy is effective.

Website owners should give visitors a way to keep in touch,i.e( e-zines) articles.

Do not put up barriers in their path,requesting all sorts of personal information! Keep it simple.

The internet will continue to give you new and different things to do,keep to your long term strategy.

Web empire can grow by using timeless methods,and to continue producing an excellent return on your investment of a little bit of time and almost no money.

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