What The Witch really want!

Kelly learns she is The Witch born from a a coven of witches.

1.Tell us a little about yourself,and your new book The Crystal Princess

Her life totally changes.

My name is Kimberly Norton and I’m a first time author. I’m also a Mom, a hairdressers, a school volunteer, and regular person who wrote a book.
I’m so excited about The Crystal Princess book. I think it can touch lots of people. The story it’s self is a fast paced fantasy that holds your attention, and has you asking for more. I really feel my book has the makings of a great movie series. It’s suitable for 12 years old and up.

2.How did the witch story and the  book come about?

The book came to me while my family and I were on a camping trip.  I wrote out the whole story by hand that week. It went from my brain to my hand in a flash.

3.Give us some tips on how you are marketing the witch story in your book? what have you learn?

Marketing is a very hard road. I’ve done several radio interviews to try and talk about the witch . I have a Facebook fan page. I twitter. I do booking signings and so on. I’ve started talking in schools to kids encouraging them to write and I’m currently mentoring a senior at my the local high school on a writing project.
I have a web site at www.kimberlynorton.tateauthor.com. I’ve entered my book in a contest where I placed 2ND. My book has been reviewed by many bloggers who gave it good ratings. I know the story is good about the witch . There is an audience for my writing. It’s a YA ( young adult) book, but adults love it too.
My book is for sale at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. 
I’m also working on a video trailer that will include the witch for my book, and that will be on YouTube in January under my channel.
4.Do you have a team? or does Tate help you behind the scenes?
No I really don’t have any help from my publisher. They have set up one or two book signings, but that’s it. Nothing else and I mean nothing. I had to pay into my book publishing as a first time author, and they talked highly about how publishing with them is not self publishing. They made it clear that they would help me get the witch story and  my book out there, but that is not the case. They cashed the check, edited the book, gave me a great cover design then sent me on my way. So to anyone who is looking to get into this field I would tell them to get an agent who will get you into a publishing house that’s worth your time.
5.Talk about your book signing,or are going to have a book signing? if so what do you want to get out of the book signing and talking about the witch.
As far as the signings go. It’s really hard. Your an unknown, and most people don’t turn out to meet an unknown person talking about the witch. So all you can do is make the best out of it. You have to approach people and tell them your story. Tell them how great you feel this book is and hope ( if they buy one) they will feel the same, and tell a friend.
6.Your first book,what will you do different on your second book?
Ok being a first time author has lots of disadvantages. Like 1  my first book was edited way down so it’s much shorter then I’d have like. So in a way it;s the intro book to the witch story. It gives you the main parts of the story, but in book two I have added much more detail about the witch main characters and who they are. Book 2 is far darker then book one, but it’s still filled with action. I’m still working on book 2, but I think if I get an agent down the road book one will have to be extended or merged with book two for length alone.
7.Authors must have a platform! when they go and talk with Publishing House,how is your platform coming along?
Not sure what you mean by platform!Facebook,YouTube,Twitter,Blog,you should have the witch following.
8.When does Kimberly do her best writing?
I do all and any of my writing when I can. I need a quite house without distractions to write about the witch, so it’s not as often as I’d like.  I can see why JK Rollings went to a hotel to write.
9.Share with us a little bit from Chapter 1.
In chapter one you are going to meet Kelly the witch. Kelly is attending her senior year of high school. She’s planing her birthday party and being a normal tween. After the bell rings in history class all hell breaks loose. A girl appears in class dressed in a black cape. Time is frozen. The girl pushes Kelly to the floor,
covers her with the cape and with a flash of light their gone. Kelly blacks out. When she wakes up she’s at a place she’s never been to before. At a house with the girl from class and another girl. They call for their mom. Kelly is scared to death. The women tells Kelly a crazy tale. She explains that she is Kelly’s birth mother and the girls and her sisters. She tells her she is a witch and she is from a long line of witches. She’s taken her because an evil witch names Victoria wants to kill her before she can become immortal.
  And yes that is all in chapter 1.
10.Final Comment:What turns you on creatively, spiritually or
I’m just blessed to have been given this gift and i put together a good story about the witch. It’s not like I imagined being a writer as a child or anything. I just wrote down the words as they came to me, and one day I know many people will know my books. The Crystal Princess is to be a 3 book series, and as soon as I get the call from an agent or a large publishing house looking to do book 2 about the witch and become a reality.
Hollis I can’t thank you enough for having this show and helping me get the word out there about my book. It’s great people like you who brighten our world. Thanks again,
Kimberly Norton

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