What is your purpose in sending an Electric Newsletter?

In the business world,e-newsletters are fast replacing traditional newsletters. Just as traditional newsletters have promotional goals, so too should e-newsletters.And, as with traditional newsletters, you will need to think about and answer some questions before you launch your e-newsletter:

1.Who is your target audience?

2.How frequently will you communicate with them?

3.How popular and how widely read will your e-newsletter/e-zine be?

4.What is your planned budget?

5.What is the perceived value of the e-communication activity?

6.How much will you charge for the e-newsletter/e-zine?

7.How will you charge for the e-newsletter/e-zine?

Tips for Electronic Newsletters:

Make sure you write for scanners.

Write short.

Write friendly.

Use bite-sized chunks as well as bullet points,numbers and list rather than lengthy and complex sentences.

Limit each article to a single concept.

Focus on easy distributions.

Strive for low cost.

Newsworthiness and relevence are crucial.

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