What is business coaching by Scott Schilling.

1.Tell us a little about yourself,and your new book Without Customers…Ya Got Nothing!- a business coaching tip.

I’ve been very fortunate over my 35 year sales, speaking, training and business coaching career to be mentored by some of the best of the best in their respective areas of expertise.  My commitment to them has always been, “give me everything you got because I won’t keep it!  I’ll share it with my clients and audience”.
Without Customers comes from 35 years of face to face presentations across a range of industries.  These are the tried and true tips, techniques and strategies that have been proven to work and work well in the marketplace.  I wanted to share this information with others so they too could have the levels of success only a few ever achieve.

2.Business coaching by Scott- i like your marketing video on your webpage,give us a couple tips on how you rank so well.

Business Coaching

We all have the opportunity to be a positive living example to those around us.

I’m a guy that comes from the place of “You can have anything in life you want if you simply help enough other people get what they want!.  I learned this from Zig Xiglar many years ago and it has been my credo ever since.
SEO and ranking on the internet is all about understanding the process and then executing the techniques that achieve the desired result.  It is really no difference in an portion of business coaching…you have to learn what to do and then do it.  The biggest problem most businesses suffer is FTI–Failure to Implement!
3. While going to the University of Iowa on a football scholarship, I became a licensed life insurance agent at the age of eighteen. In his first month in business, I sold over a quarter million dollars worth of insurance. Please share some of that story with us.How could you be so focus at such a young age?
I went off to Iowa in 1976…certainly not a time of a promising economy.  I saw a lot of people in my classes all working to get the Bachelor of Business  administration degree in Marketing just like me.  I felt strongly that I needed to give my self a competitive advantage so that become having 4 years of face to face presentation skills developed before I graduated.  It worked pretty well…I had 7 job offers at the time that most other graduates had none.  My face to face abilities gave me opportunities others never received.
We can look back on it now as focus in those days…to me it was common sense to position myself with a skill set most other graduates would not have.  By definition, I became a more valuable  business coaching candidate.

4. “To whom much is entrusted-much is expected”! what does this mean in the business coaching field?

Exactly what it says…I believe God has blessed me with infinite capability and talent far beyond what I can humanly accomplish by my hand alone.  With that…it is up to me to use those God given talents and capability to create as much positive business coaching impact on this planet as I possible can.  Ultimately, it’s a choice to do good in the world…I accept the responsibility!
5.Who should buy your business coaching  book?
Without Customers is for those individuals and organizations that want to achieve greater market penetration (sell more) at higher margins (greater profitability) with less effort (by working smarter not harder).  Business and having customers buy what you have to offer comes down to developing a relationship with them, presenting the benefits they will receive from their purchase, and how it will make a positive difference in their lives going forward.  This business coaching book is for those that have a desire to communicate better, create stronger relationships, and have a life long customers and advocates for their businesses.
6.What marketing system do you have in place?how do you capture your leads, and how do you follow up?
I have a variety of systems in place to gain and capture leads.  I use a video email platform (www.VideoPromotionsNow.com) to communicate with all my prospects and customers.  It has the capability to create lead capture pages.  I have created a variety of free gifts through this system, (www.TWGFreeGift.com)  (www.HCSFreeGift.com) and (WEFreeGift.com).  These all provide free gifts to those that desire the gifts and also allow me to gain their contact information in a automated fashion.
After an event, I will produce a video email that Thanks people for our meeting and interaction.  It’s all about creating, nurturing and maintaining business coaching relationships!
7.Talk a little about “Impact lives positively as an business coaching agenda.
Impacting lives positively is exactly that…leaving people better off for having an interaction with you.  It doesn’t take as much as some people want to make it.  It can be sharing a smile across a room, holding a door for another, treating someone with the dignity and respect they deserve…many times simple common courtesies.  I believe we have all been put in this planet for two reasons…to have a fabulous life…and to help as many people along the way as possible.  When you adopt that as your heart set and mindset…magic happens!
8.How did you become a master in business coaching?
My mastery of the selling process came about when I learned that it isn’t about selling…rather it is about serving!  The reasons I have “sold” millions upon millions of dollars of products, goods and services is because to do not sell…rather I found out about the person or organization, get to understand their needs, wants and desires, their motivations behind those needs, wants and desires,…and then suggest the appropriate solution for them.
There have been many times in my career where the solution I provide is not the product I am representing…rather it is the best possible solution to their needs, wants and desires.  Putting the prospect and customer first in ALL thing is what ultimately gains you respect and a life long relations.  When you offer to serve them for their benefit…they will come to you faster and easier than you can ever imagine.
9. Business coaching 90 Second Sales Tips.
90 Second Sales Tips was put together recognizing our ADD…immediate gratification…do it for me now society.  These are quick and easy to learn, digest and implement sales tips that help people sell more, at higher margin with less effort!  This is a must-learn product for those that want to grow their business quickly and efficiently.
10:Final comment:What’s on your business coaching”Bucket List?” Top 5 things
you’d still like to do?
My business coaching  bucket list includes:
Putting a 125,000 people inside Cowboy Stadium in Dallas for an all-day multi-speaker event that combines business and spiritual principles coming together for the good of all;
Sharing the stage with Joel Osteen and Richard Branson to create a message of hope and inspiration;
Creating an Entrepreneurial Fund designed to support good, hard working individuals and organizations that have a desire to innovate, work hard and make a positive impact on our planet;
To create a business coaching operation that for the most part runs on auto-pilot so that I can freely pick and choose any project I feel totally aligned with;
Write another business coaching  book on total life balance and why we should all be living our best lives possible!
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