What is a funded proposal?

A funded proposal isĀ  a way of creating an income from prospects before they even join your primary MLM business.This means that whether they actully join your main business or not does not matter, because you are getting paid from them anyway. A funded proposal also works to fuel your advertising costs, because as you get more and more prospects PAYING you before they even join your primary business you will be able to continue to advertise and grow your list.

Any successful marketer knows that it iis essential to have a funded proposal working to help your business! with our system you have this built in!

I have 13 low cost, high payout memberships that provides all the tools you need for online marketing.These are products everyone needs if they are trying to make money online…. no matter what business they are involved in. You receive enormous value in the products for a very small monthly cost(AdTracking,Autoresponder System,and Rotators to name a few marketing materials you receive).

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