We will teach you to use a 5-step Webinar/Teleseminar Formula to create your online presentation.

You may feel nervous about the idea of closing a sale while performing in front of an audience-live or virtual- you can develop a Webinar/Teleseminar presentation that teaches and sells.


Create your webinar.

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The five Webinar/Teleseminar steps will teach you how you can strategically promote and sell your product while you’re educating your audience.

The webinar/Teleseminar 5 step formula

1 Strategic introduction; Begin strategically to set up what is going to happen during the rest of the presentation.

2.The webinar/Teleseminar Promise.

Next,describe the promise of the presentation.What problem will you solve with your solution?

3.Success Stories: Outline the success that comes with the promise your’re describing,and allow your audience to associate with that success.

4.Testimonials: Include testimonials to show how your method has impacted the lives of real people and created transformations.

5.Offer:Finally,close with an offer.

Mastering your Webinar/Teleseminar

Live or on-Demand?

After we have taught you the full 5-step formula, you need to decide whether you are going to present live or on demand. Are you going to get in front of a computer on a regular basis, set everything up, and go through the content? Or are you going our system video play on the demand? The key question is this: Do you want to be there every time the the presentation is made?

Our Webinar/Teleseminar technology allows you to be everywhere at once; you have the ability to be elsewhere while you’re teaching and presenting on demand.You’re welcome to do live Webinar/Teleseminars but on demand is considerably more powerful.

Webinar / Teleseminar?

The truth is that teleseminars are more far easier to organize and maintain. You don’t have to worry about internet connectivity, or what platform you’re using. Teleseminars are known to have a stronger conversion rate then webinars.

One case for webinars, they have a higher perceived value.More people sign up,attend, and feel a sense of excitement about streaming the event.Choosing between these formats won’t change the quality of your content. You need to decide which one you feel more comfortable with,and which one your audience will more readily consume.

3.Can i make a product out of this webinar/teleseminar?

Yes;it’s simple,strategic,and highly recommended to create a premium product out of your webinar/teleseminar. You can package it into a product,sell it online,and then later,give it away as a powerful bonus, pointing out that you had previously charged for it. This will be a great piece of content to use as incentive for people to invest in your book,and come into your funnel.

4.Does the topic really just sell your product?

You may feel nervous about the idea of using a presentation to sell a product through your webinars/teleseminars. But remember: you are never just selling. If you have the soloution to a problem that your audience is interested in,any training,advice,or strategy related to that problem is valuable to them. As a matter of fact, if you have the solution to their problem, it’s your moral and ethical obligation to give them the opportunity to invest. So a teleseminar or webinar does not just sell your product-it simply has the wonderful benefit and aftereffect of selling your product or service.

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Use the 5 Step Webinar/Teleseminar Formula to create Your Stage Presentation.

Your presentation must tell a story and sells your product at the same time-it’s time to use the same formula to create your stage presentation.




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