Ways to market on a budget.

Different ways to market on a budget.

I am going to give you the ways to market on a budget.

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The old fashioned methods of pounding the phones,holding meeting,pitching your business to leads,and trying to turn your friends and family members into business partners have come to an end.

Market for business as you’ve know it,has become obsolete.


Do you hate the follow up process?

It’s an irrelevant.old school sales technology that is only pursued by individuals who have yet to discover how to market like Tempe Lead Generation System-Magic Lead Capture System Never Misses a Single Opportunity – Double, Triple, Even Quintuple Your Sales.

I’d like you to stop and think for a moment.Compare how we market today compared to how it was just 15 years ago.

Today,people are drowning under a flood of information,marketing noise,and endless options to choose from thanks to the internet.

Companies have literally turned us into numbers,tracked our personal buying habits,categorized our topics of interest,and constantly use that information to drive as many customized offers into our viewing screens.

Entire markets,products,and pieces of legislature have been created just to help consumers manage the  tidal wave.Think pop-up blockers,spy ware protection,spam filters,and the Do Not Call List.

Solicitations are detested and met with frustration and impatience.We simply don’t want to be bothered which means no sane person would willingly build any kind of business based on cold market prospecting,and in your face selling.

The internet market has created an entirely new world of opportunity for everyone,where you can literally re-invent your life,and turn a simple thought into a business for little or no money at all.

Obviously,that’s a trend you intend to take advantage of,or you wouldn’t be here right now.

But unfortunately 95% of those who market a home base or small business will fail themselves,and the primary reason for that failure is that they didn’t acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s modern,competitive market place.

So with that said,here’s the key to success in today’s market.

If you’re going to sell something to someone,you’ve got to find a way to get invited into their world as a welcome guest,instead of a pest.

When you market the first step is to Get invited-offer personal value to your prospect above and beyond your gift.

Become a expert at lead generation or hire someone who is.

Step 2.Generate Attraction when you market.

You have been contacted by your prospect via email or phone.They’ve extended an invitation to you.So our goal is to generate attraction between us and our prospect.

3.Scheduling a follow up appointment with our automated system.

Automated Prospect System that Always Gets Attention by
Connecting up to 7 Different Ways.

Most businesses rely on one or two primary methods for following up with online and mobile leads. Typically, it’s email.
But you can dramatically improve the rate you convert leads to customers simply by connecting and bonding with prospects
through multiple follow up channels.
We know two things for absolute certain: people are busy, and respond to various channels of communication differently.
Some people ignore email; others throw any regular mail that isn’t a bill or a personal letter in the trash. (And some of them
even throw the bills in there, too!)
The point is, if you only use email to communicate with your prospects:
1. Many of them will be too busy to check their accounts
2. Many of them will ignore their email all together and never see your messages
Instant Customer allows you to follow up and remind people to take action through multiple channels:
1. Email
2. Mobile text
3. Voicemail
4. Direct mail postcards and letters

This way you can inform people and even remind them to take action in ways that cut through the noise of other marketing messages.

In many cases, you can triple your market response or conversion rate.
What does this mean for your business? If, you’re selling $10,000 through a Webinar for example, multi-channel reminders nd follow up can turn that into $30,000.

The Tempe lead Generation System  uses smart, behavior-based follow up to add even more to your bottom line. If a prospect opens an email but doesn’t click through to a video, for example, you can automatically follow up with them by mobile text to resend the link in case they missed it.
If a prospect registers for a Webinar or teleseminar and doesn’t attend, you can automatically follow up with him to provide a replay link and then check back through mobile text or voicemail whether he has any questions.We market a simple Multi-channel follow up to increases conversions.

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