Voice of The Customers Google reviews.

Voice Of The Customers program

Voice Of The Customers program will bring more customer reviews for your business on all of the important sites that matter such as Google, Yelp and Insider pages!

Voice and reviews with your launch.

Voice to get better reviews

We call it “Voice Of The Customer” and it’s one of the most important elements in establishing trust and a reputation with your clients. Recent statistics show that nearly 70% of consumers check customer reviews before making a purchase.

Voice Of The Customer – More Reviews For Your Business

We make sure that what people say about you is favorable, help build buzz around your business and make sure you get found online. Think about it, if nobody is talking about you, or even worse, saying bad things about you, how effective will your marketing efforts be?

Voice Of The Customer Package


  • Develop incentive for existing and new customers
  • Set up email alerts to monitor your business name
  • Prepare email or letter to send to existing database
  • Prepare and print 500 custom business cards or appointment cards

Regular Price: $279.00

Today’s Special $197.00

Contact (Hollis) at (520-829-0088)

Visit us at http://eastvalleyads.localscorereport.com


How It Works:

We prepare an email or letter to send to your existing voice customers and give them an incentive to visit a our online web site, search engine or social media site and rate and review your business. (we provide the email and direct mail letter templates that have been proven to work and get you more reviews.)

  1. The template will direct the customer to post a review, email you a link to it or print a copy of it and bring it into your business to redeem the incentive offer.
  2. The incentive can be something generic like a $5 Starbucks gift card or something specific to your business like a $10 discount off their next chiropractic adjustment.
  3. Best of all, we prepare 500 business cards or appointment cards to give to customers on checkout that provides instruction and incentive to rate and review your business. (we have business card and appointment card templates.) This is an extremely elegant way to get your customers to take action and leave you a review!

Are you waking up every day thinking only about the day you’re able to buy a beach house? The smart online entrepreneur plans incessantly for monetary milestones in their voice businesses.

They get excited about smaller income, and they don’t just wait for the tsunami of cash to hit their bank account. You’ve seen those who simply slap something online, hoping to make some instant money – and they might make some nice spending money.

But it’s short lived and when you think about the time (and possibly money) spent on the online “money maker,” it may not have been worth the effort. Planning for monetary success makes much more sense and is well worth the effort marketing our voice of the customers.

Spend some time planning price points needed to reach your goals and then figure out how you’re going to get there, For example, outsourcing or running affiliate contests might help boost your voice of the customers bottom line.

You’ll want to make sure you don’t overspend to get the success you want and need. For example, you can plan to sell during the holidays by planning months in advance. Gather the content you need for your big launch by purchasing PLR, outsourcing to writers or writing and editing it yourself.

If you’re unsure what to do and how to plan, look at what others have done. And, there’s a lot of online assistance at the hollischapmanshow, which will help you plan – and tools to help you create a voice timeline.

After gathering the content you’ll need, it’s time to seek out affiliates who may also promote your voice product launch. Even though you’ll be sharing the profits, it’s a great way to go over the top with monetary success and gain another audience and some great support.

Plan a launch date and stick to it. There’s nothing worse than your followers looking forward to the product and having to push the date. Your affiliates will be let down and it will be difficult to get them to promote you again.

Don’t forget details! Make sure the details of your promotion are planned precisely and accurately so that you don’t have glitches on the launch date – or refunds to deal with because something isn’t working correctly or isn’t exactly as you promoted it to be.

Try to assess the value of the launch. What will it mean to you – monetarily? Consider the investment you’re making, what you’re likely to receive from affiliates who promote for you (this can be a good estimate as you get to know your affiliates and how much they can bring in for you).

Plan events to promote your product and yourself and then make it happen. Podcasts, videos and social media are all good ways to brand yourself and let your future followers know what you’re all about and what you have to offer.

Your monetary milestones can only increase if you plan ahead, pay attention to details and foster a voice relationship with other marketers. Celebrate the small successes and then work on building momentum so that your income soars over time and your voice of the customers spreads via your marketing launch.

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