Using A Blog And Website to Promote Your Business

Using A Blog And Website to Promote Your Business.
Having a subscriber list is not the only thing you need to ensure you have in the world of online marketing. While we all want a lot of customers, we also need to make sure those customers keep coming back. One of the many ways you can ensure your subscribers are listening and staying engaged is to have a website and blog. A website does more than you think to help sell you or your product. I can’t think of any company that doesn’t have a website and let me tell you why.

One of the best ways to promote yourself or product/service is by having a blog.

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There are four reasons why you must have a website:

− To stand out from the competition

− To describe and feature your product(s)

− To have a blog to share your voice

− Entertainment

Most people are under the impression that a website is just another means of putting up pictures so people can see your work, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Almost every company or individual who needs to sell themselves has a personal or company blog. From selling shoes to selling your art, websites are what makes you stand out from the crowd.Competition It is a great big world out there and chances are if you have the most brilliant idea of the century, someone else has the same idea. Because of that, getting the word out quick is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your business.

A blog is a special form of communication that allows those who visit your website to see what’s on your mind.

Blogs offer you a chance to step up to the competition and stand out, which is why it is extremely important to have a blog that not only shows your product but also shows who you are. Your blog has to be a mixture of business and commercialization, so to keep things competitive you must make sure your blog stands out. Product Description

If you are an author or someone who does any kind of art media, then you must make sure your work is the center of attention.

That being said, let me explain now that there is a difference between being classy and being gaudy when it comes to making your website. While you do want an eye catching website, you do not want a website that looks like a bad flamenco dancer.

Website design is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. There are a number of professional website domains out there which allow you to build the website yourself by choosing your own layout, background colors, background images and putting in your personal preferences. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to website building is that “You absolutely must compliment your product with the appropriate website” Let me give you an example. I received the business card of a very talented author whose work I was truly interested in.

The books were very modern takes on ancient ideas, a new age sort of style. The book

covers were soft tan and looked as if they were meant to be antiques. I was immediately drawn to the style and art of the book covers. When I went to check out the artist’s website, however, I was disappointed to see that the website background was ‘done in a very flashy space scene where the stars looked as if they were coming towards you and the background music was a cheesy futuristic sort of thing.

The website did nothing to enhance or promote the books based on looks, it simply flashed out at me drawing in my attention. Because of this, I lost interest in the website. I was still very interested in the books, but I did not check out the website for any updates or read the author’s blogs, I just couldn’t get past the look of it.

More importantly, it’s the copy (the words you use) on your site that will either make or break your site. Having a “Welcome” page or “About Us” page as your main home page will deter visitors from finding out more about your product or service. Instead, you want to capture their attention by having a clear headline outlining the biggest benefit your customer will get from your product or service when they visit your blog.

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