Use Your Blog To Entertain

Use Your Blog To Entertain

Blogs are  a way to entertain your clients. While many of us just post our day-to-day business happenings, it’s important to remember that blogging isn’t just about what’s new with the business.

Entertain with style.

Work hard to entertain your clients.

Entertain your clients with your blog they want it.

There is nothing I distaste more than a sales pitch form someone who doesn’t take the time to tell me anything about themselves or to ask me about my likes and dislikes.

The best example I can think of for this is the ever so popular infomercial. Infomercials are one of the most irritating sales methods I have ever seen. Here you have this guy (or gal) standing on stage for half an hour to an hour trying to sell you a juicer. Their energy is always abundant. They will jump, yell, be very enthusiastic about the product they’re selling, but do they ever really communicate with us as people? No, not really.

The power of a blog to entertain

This marketing technique is brilliant, don’t get me wrong i do get get entertain. If you put a hyper person on television at three in the morning to convince me I really need that thingamajig in my kitchen I am probably going to say “Of course I do, look how awake this guy is!”

I am no stranger to buying products at three AM in my jammies. Infomercials are brilliant because they work. However, they only seem to work on me in the early hours of the morning. If I see an infomercial on daytime television I change the channel and ignore it. It has no effect on me because there is no personal communication.
Using a blog on your website is the best way to entertain your clients and make them feel as if they’re part of your family. Remember, you want your clients to feel as if they’re part of the family. No, not the family member that is never invited to Thanksgiving
because every year they wreck the turkey, you want your client to be the one who carves that turkey.

A blog gives them that feeling. Keeping weekly updates of your company with a funny life anecdote will ensure your clients feel as if they’re a small part of the bigger whole that is your company.
Use your blog to entertain by giving small personal details, such as: “I was so excited to see my new book online this morning, I forced my kids to download it on their kindle in the hope they’ll show it off to their friends. They, of course, rolled their eyes at me and said sweetly ‘of course we will’. Teenagers. Gotta’ love ’em.” This paragraph blog does three things:
− Mentions your product
− Personalizes you as a human and not just a company, making you
sound authentic and real
− Gives your readers something they can identify with

By mentioning your product you are marketing and selling yourself in your blog. This is a brilliant way of ‘namedropping’ without being overly obvious about it. This personal style blog is also a very handy technique to make sure your clients remember that you are a person just like they are.

People want to have a personal connection. I much prefer shopping local (even though I pay more) than shopping at large retailers because I love the feeling of going into a store and having someone know my name. I also love the feeling of seeing the owner and telling them what a great job they have done on their recent store changes. It’s imperative you humanize yourself.

Giving your reader something funny they can identify with keeps them coming back to you. If your reader knows you have sarcastic teenagers living at home just like they do, then your reader will identify, laugh, and nod to themselves in agreement. In other words, you just got them hooked.

You don’t have to be a comedian, you don’t have to be constantly witty, you just have to be yourself in your blog and your readers will identify with you. It’s not only one of the best marketing tools available to you, but your blog is the best way to make sure that your clients turn to your product first and they will be entertain.

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