Use Content to Get Leads

Use Content to Get Leads

You may be wondering how content leads marketing can directly support your bottom line. There are a variety of ways but this chapter will specifically discuss how you can use it to get leads.

Yes, it is entirely possible to take any of the forms of content and use one of them to generate a list of warm leads.

Remember that whatever content you curate is a reflection of your and you will get leads for your brand.

This is one of the content marketing avenues. In fact, if you’re new to content marketing this is one way to become acclimated to it. You have a clear goal from the beginning and you are creating a strategy to support that goal. Here’s how you do it.

It takes time to curate content that will bring the leads for your business.

Leads funnel system

Put together a good leads funnel system.

1. Determine how many leads you’d like to get over the course of this content marketing campaign and how long it will last.
It’s important that you begin with the end in mind. You should know what you’re working towards and how long you’ll be doing it. Sometimes business owners can launch great ideas and begin campaigns designed to improve business but if there is no clear end game, the idea can eventually falter and the campaign can go on forever.

You need a clear ending to give you a deadline to work towards. Don’t worry. You can tweak the number of leads if your research calls for it but you can’t tweak the length of the campaign.
2. Decide how you will capture the emails to build your email list There are email marketing tools you can use that will help you build your email list. Before you start your campaign or create your content,you need to know where the information will go. Don’t try to facilitate this whole process yourself.

Trying to keep track of emails can become overwhelming and tedious. Take advantage of the tools out there to make it easy for you. Some of them have a free plan or a free trial
while others cost a monthly fee. Take the time to do some research to choose the tool that will work best for your business.

Here are some of tools to keep your leads in order. the more popular tools to get you started:

a. GetResponse –
b. Aweber –
c. MailChimp –
d. Constant Contact –
These are some you can look into to get an idea of how they work. All of these sources will help you gather emails,leads, manage your email list and communicate with your list. If you’re not sure which one to go with, try talking to other business owners in your industry to see which one works for them.

Don’t pick a leads company  final decision based solely on price.
Take some time and make sure it has the specific features you need to support your business.
3. Set up your leads email marketing tool
Don’t dive into this process without setting up your email marketing funnel first. This is the value in using a tool over trying to do it yourself.Most tools have the process set up for you. All you have to do is go in and create the messages you want to send to your customers when they enter your sales funnel.

Take advantage of the tutorials and other how to guides available showing you how to make the most of the tool. Go through and familiarize yourself with how it works. You should also
make it a point to see how it handles the distribution of files via email. If you can’t find this information on the website, send a message to customer service. This will come in handy later on in this process so check on this now.
4. Create a piece of content that you are willing to give away for free and get free leads.
While it’s completely understandable that you want to benefit from any piece of content you create, it’s not always a good idea to charge for it. Sometimes a valuable piece of content can be used to build up your sales funnel which will turn into income down the line. It doesn’t have to be a huge piece of content that takes a lot of time to create. As long as
it has a high perceived value, it will be well received by your audience.
Here are some types of content you can use to give away.

a. eBook
A short but informative eBook is a great piece of content to give away. It shouldn’t be more than 25 pages long or less than 10. You want it to have a high perceived value and if it’s too short, that value won’t be there. If it’s too long, you’ll be less inclined to give it away because you will have taken a lot of time and effort to create it. Keep it relatively
short but informative without giving away too much information.
b. CouponYou could offer a coupon for a discount on any products and services
you sell. It has to be a coupon with a high perceived value so it can’t be 10% off of your least expensive product/service. People have to want to get the coupon and be willing to provide some information in exchange for it. But the coupon shouldn’t be so good that you feel ripped off when it’s redeemed. Look for balance.
c. Free leads product

If you have a product that you can easily give away in bulk, that’s a great thing to give away for free. Yes an eBook is a type of product but you may have others that you can easily use.
d. Free consulting session
If you offer consulting services, you could give away a free session in return for joining your email leads list. Look for ways to keep the session manageable. You can do it electronically and offer to answer specific questions or you can make it a short session. The key is to make sure you aren’t giving too much of your time with the free session so that it
becomes a burden. Make it doable.
The point is for you to not put yourself in debt or in a state of struggle to do this. However, you should definitely have something you can give people in exchange for them sharing their email address. You also want to offer something they will find interesting. If the piece of content is of enough value, you will find people that are truly interested in what
your company has to offer.

5. Make your content available
Now you have to promote the free piece of content that you have. You should create a sign up form on your website that people have to input their email address into gain access to the giveaway. This form should be prominently featured on your website with a clear call to action directing people to share their email addresses.

You’ll also have to do some promotion across other networks. This is a great time to make
use of social media advertising. You can either create an advertising campaign through Facebook or Google Ads. The purpose of the campaign is to let people know about the giveaway. You have to do something to make your special deal easy to be discovered. If you already have a presence on social media, use that profile or page to
share your special as well.
Once you’ve made your special deal available, you can start keeping track of how many email addresses you get. Since this campaign should have a clear end date, you can start the clock once you’ve made your offer available to the public. This should give you a
concentrated period of time to let your campaign run while you measure the results.
Aim for at least three months. If this is your first content marketing campaign, three months will give you some time to see how things go without committing you to something longer. This will give you the ability to assess what worked and what didn’t. You also gain great insight into your ability to execute a campaign when you actually do it.
If you’ve done a campaign in the past and are comfortable with them, you may want to let it run longer than three months but it shouldn’t last more than six months total. You don’t want your campaign to go on so long that it’s virtually never ending. You need time to see how well it works so you can make any necessary adjustments. In fact, it may be
best to stick with the three month time frame and run the campaign several times, making adjustments along the way.
While you are collecting the email addresses, create a plan for how you will move those leads through the sales funnel. You need to have an idea of how often you plan to communicate with them and what you’re going to share. It’s important to make sure you don’t inundate their email in boxes with information. But it’s just as important that you
don’t disappear once you have their information.

These are warm leads that you can target for potential customers.
Make sure you deliver the free content right away and create a schedule for when you will contact them and how often. It’s best that all of your communications not be sales solicitations. The same way that you garnered their interest is the same way you can keep them in your sales funnel.

Provide value while asking for the sale and people won’t automatically unsubscribe from your email list. You can use this form of leads content marketing to consistently build your sales funnel. You can also use it as a way to become more comfortable with content marketing overall. Once you’ve done it a few times you can start expanding your use of
leads content.

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