Unusual but Achievable Memory

Tell us about this memory book.

A novel about dissociated memory

My books explore the wonder and beauty of memory resilient personal spirit.

Spirit Unbroken:Abby’s Story takes readers into the nostalgia of the 1950’s and 60’s, it celebrates the everyday challenges and triumphs of childhood memory,and it pulls the reader into the disturbing landscape of memory trauma that cannot be recalled.This story has been described as intense as a Fellini film and as sweet as a Norman Rockwell painting.

This is a special interview with Jeanne McElvaney on the hollischapmanshow as we talk about her memory book.

People with lack of memory- are they the ones  you wrote this book for?

1 of 3 women has been sexually abused.1 of 5 men were molested.About half of them leave home unable to recall the memory that continue to be an underlying force behind their choices,reaction,feelings,and beliefs. One out of every 8 solders returning from Iraq has symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).In the U.S.,it is estimated that nearly 5.2 million adults will have post-traumatic stress disorder in any given year.

This memory book is for them-the people sharing their lives and trying to understand the lasting effects of dissociated trauma memories,and those who just didn’t realize.

Is there a central message in the book?

I wanted to take the reader on a journey of insight so they could understand dissociated memory trauma.

How these experiences pull a person out of everyday reality so that person can survive the moment. I wanted them to know how our minds work to protect us,but also leave us with a memory we can’t recall even through they continue driving our choices,feelings,responses,and beliefs.

Your novel is about dissociated memories-How is that different than ordinary memory?

An ordinary memory sits like a photograph in a family album. It’s always available to visit by thumbing through the album. A trauma memory is not pasted in the photo album. It’s relegated to the attics of our mind to be stored where it can be ignored. A dissociated trauma memory is like a photo ripped into pieces and locked in a vault in our mind without you knowing the picture was taken.

Jeanne do you have specific writing style?

Character memory driven fiction.

Master of the language memory of feelings.

Like stepping into a movie. My memories

Compelling      Mesmerizing       Eloquent      Powerful

Spirit Unbroken: Abby’s memory Story-Who should buy this book?

People looking for reading that is thought-provoking,emotionally-engaging,Readers who thrive on awareness & understanding about personal and social issues.

Those who like to explore personal potential,empowerment,and resilient spirit,Those who are moved by challenges met or overcoming obstacles.

Some who would enjoy re-living or exploring the memories of the 1950’s and 60’s.

And those who want to have the memory of a great story.


Where can readers buy Spirit Unbroken:Abby’s Story

Order at any online or local bookstore.

Reviews at Amazon.com

Website: GoToSpirit.com

Blogs at GoToSpirit.com

Facebook Page:Go To Spirit with Jeanne McElvaney

Thank you for a great interview.

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