Top social media questions authors want answered.

The hollischapmanshow asked what social media questions authors want answered.

1.What are the the best social media tactics to use?

Which social media method has been the most successful for authors small businesses overall and what method?

Where's the money?

How can a author stand out on social media while creating strategic partnerships with those in the same genre?

How can social media help build our brand and reinforce our credibility among consumers?

Can using blogs,short videos,tweets,and status updates help us market our core products,or do they just get in the way of our message?

2.Authors are you measuring the effectiveness of social media?

How do you measure success?

What is the return on investment?

How do you assess return on investment and measure the impact on brand valuation?

3.Small business owners and authors where do you start with your social media campaign?

Is there a system or a plan that can be reproduced?

I want to teach my people how to incorporate social media into my marketing campaign.

4.How do you manage the social balance?

How carefully should we proceed with all the social networks,so what’s meant to be social doesn’t turn out to be business only?

What are the online protocols for beginners so we don’t break the rules?

5.What are the best sites and tools out there?

Which social network sites should i concentrate my efforts?

What social networking platforms are customers going to be looking at in the future?

What sites are best to use for my market?

6.How much time a day do i spend on the social networks?

How do i keep up without getting consumed?

How do people cope with thousands of followers?

7.How do i find and focus my efforts on my target audience?

How do i reach my target customers/business partners and drive traffic to my blog?

How can i target social media marketing tools to my target market?

How can i best find people who are interested in the same things i am?

8.How do i convert my social media marketing efforts into tangible results?

How do i convert lookers to prospects?

How do we create cash flow?

How do authors move from social networking activities to a sale?

What generates sales and what generates business?

How do i monetize social media marketing?

How do i tie all the social networking sites together?

How do i tie all the sites together into one cohesive strategy?

Are there any apps that will let me use several social networking tools at once for my marketing campaigns?

How do we integrate social networking into our traditional media?

10.Authors-small business owners want to know if marketing this way works.

How do i get others to see the value and get involved?

What does the future look like?

How do we manage it all?

How do we attract traffic to my efforts?

Is it cost-effective?

As you can see by the above list authors-small business owners have some excellent questions.Please contact us and we will try and answers your questions the best we can.The most commonly used social media tools etc.



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