Three Steps to Get Them to Call You:

Awareness: Creates interest in you

Interest: Keeps you at the top of their mind

Top of Mind: Gets them to call you when they need you

Awareness is base upon the rule of Seven: You must have at least seven contacts with a future customer before they:

Remember your name

Feel they know and trust you

Will call you

To create interest and be remembered, get different,crazy,and unique.Stand out from the crowd.Be clever,creative,and fun.

Never send the same old throw-away pens,ball caps,and notepads that everyone else sends.Send professionally created materials that consistently reflects your message.

To peak the customer’s interest we mail cartoons,jokes,small hardhats,estimating grid notepads.Coffee cups with hammer handles,golf tees,golf  ball markers.

Remember your goal is not only create interest but to create the right kind of interest in you.You have to tell your future customers what you want them to remember about you.

Dedicate four hours every month to your Bug Em Til They Buy or Die mailing program.

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