The secrets behind positioning advertising.

The secrets behind instantly positioning advertising to be an recognized expert.

One of the biggest mistakes i see made by new authors,small business owners,experts,speakers,consultants it the attempt to write,create,and place advertising without any real training.

Advertising your book.

Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, do not place anything more than a small, inexpensive classified while you learn the ropes.

The one and only goal of your advertising is to elicit a direct action from the reader which allows you to capture their contact information period.

Your advertising prompts them to call a number,or send them to website where they can leave their contact information in exchange for something of value.(You have to give them a damn good reason to leave ┬átheir information or they won’t). A generic free report of some kind works best,(Like the special reports from the hollischapmanblog).

Whether your advertising sends them to your website or a phone number, those tools have one purpose:To capture that information.Not to sell them on your business.Not to tell them about your company.Just capture their information.

Our advertising all over the internet offer the free reports and sends the reader to the webpage where they can get the material.That webpage has one mission: Capture the name,email address of the reader.That’s it. There isn’t one extra or un-necessary line,link,or word on the page.

Once they have left their information, they are in our marketing pipeline, and now we can contact them many times,with our advertising.

Our system is a web of marketing tools that are connected via our advertising campaigns.

1.The sales letter page.

2.Position yourself

3.Get Published

4.Create a Product

5.Promote and Build Your List

6.Profit from as Many Channels as Possible

Each of these items are connected. They all point back to each other in a circle without an exit door to off-topic information.

When doing your advertising this is the key- the fact that we are educating through every tool.

We are not hiding the information,we are giving it away along with opportunity to learn more.People would not be able to see the value of the product or system if we kept everything behind an order page.

Why it is important to have so many options?

Advertising is this manor lets people solve their problems with a variety of tools-they can see it,hear it,feel it,and take ownership of it.

We rarely spend money on advertising that does not have the ability to create instant and automatic direct response cash flow.

Never advertise just for leads,try and get cash flow from the prospect.

When they opt in into your page,they are going to learn about, and have the opportunity to purchase a retail info product of some kind, whether it’s mine, or someone else’s.

Set yourself up an advertising retail information products which are sold through an online direct response sales page automatically,24/7.This pays for the cost of your advertising which means you can advertise endlessly to your target market for free.

Advertising a strategic presence online you can strategically reach audience and see revenues only available previously to a select few.

Caution: Be very careful when it comes to making income claims on your websites or in your ads.


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