The Reasons Why We Love The Forums Industry.

Forums can enclose, stimulate, and multiply your followers

Forums on your blog.

Forums conversation with group that fits your product or service.

Forums can enclose, stimulate, and multiply your followers, Internet forums are great because people can converse (not in real-time) by means of posted messages. That means other people can read what’s been going on and make their own comments.

You can join forums and dive into related threads or start new topics. Better yet, you can start up your own forum! It doesn’t take much – just a Web host and an automated forums website builder.

Start your conversations with your very own forums

Forums are not just for discussing matters with members. They also make great places to meet people, and more importantly, meet people who are already interested in the raison d’etre of the forums.

Do your research on the forums that match your product or service.

Joint ventures in lead generation? You bet! Joining forces may be quite common in Internet marketing activities, but it is not so in lead generation. This is a shame, since it can work very well for lead generation! For example, you have a list of people that you e-mail regularly or speak with in your forums conversations and they have not bought anything from you.

Why not try selling them another marketer’s products or services? You can generate leads for your ally and they can do the same for you. It can generate traffic both ways, which makes it all good in the end. is a major social networking system Though it may not have as large a following as the near-legendary Facebook, Ning is great because it provides the framework to start up social networking pages on any topic of forums interest. The idea is to set up the network and the premise, and watch as people join and get each other fired up by talking about the topic of interest.

You’re likely to get a group of like-minded people with this tactic.  Traffic Geyser builds up your steam Traffic Geyser is a piece of software that links in with the video component of your enterprise forums. After recording a video, you need to upload it into a video hosting service like YouTube, otherwise it just sits on your hard drive doing nothing.

Uploading to one or two such sites is easy enough. What about if you have a half-dozen or more video sites to upload to? That’s where Traffic Geyser comes in. It can upload your video to various video hosting websites across the Web automatically.

That means spending less time waiting for uploads to finish so you can upload the next one. Moreover, it also works with non-video content, such as articles, blog posts, and forums.

Pay-per-click advertising means better opt-in conversion PPC or pay-per-click advertising gets your ad out across the Web, which are displayed on appropriate Web pages. An interesting PPC ad can get people to click it and get redirected to your squeeze page, opt-in page, or any other page that you link it to.

The best part is that people will only click on your ad if they see something that interests them. By reaching your chosen page via these ads, they basically qualify themselves as persons interested in the item on offer.  Buddy Press! You might not heard of this little WordPress plug-in before, but it is incredibly powerful. It actually helps you set up a social network on your own Webpage running on WordPress!

Just add the plug-in to your local instance of WordPress, and with a few clicks and tweaks you have yourself a functional social forums networking system! SocialGO It is another social networking system, and is a direct competitor of Ning. This is also a good choice for setting up social networks under your thumb, so check it out and think about how you can use it to your own benefit.

Press releases aren’t just for big companies or for celebrities In fact, you, the Internet marketer, can make great use of it. Whenever you are putting out a new product or service, or announcing some modification to pricing or limited-time offers, a press release can get you heard and noticed.

There are several ways to achieve this, and they generate a whole lot of back links to your page. One way it to convert an article into a press release, stick in your squeeze page URL, and publish. Tell a Friend! Tell a friend – or get your visitors to tell their friends! You can get your visitors to tell their friends and share what you have to offer by adding a tell-a-friend form in various strategic locations on your pages.

Say right after confirming opt-in or purchases, or always close at hand on the sidebar. Of course, if you insert it so that it appears automatically, make sure that your visitors are allowed to skip it. No one likes being forced to do anything, after all.  Sell on eBay. Even if what you are offering is really cheap or even free, eBay makes a great launching point for sales and giveaways.

It has all the essential framework components in place, so all you have to do is register and put your item up “for sale”. Whether it is a digital product or a material object, you can sell it here. works just like eBay, but with a focus towards books – digital or material It can be a digital book, a white paper, or even an audio book. In addition to that, you can produce material in Kindle-compatible formats.

Since the Kindle is getting good buzz and represents a rising trend, you can make a killing with this method. “Customer squeeze” In essence this is a combination of selling a product and getting your forums customers to opt-in, all in one go.

The act of purchasing becomes the act of opting in too! Just make sure that you explicitly state what the process involves, since not everyone will be pleased by the automatic opt-in.

E-zine advertising is easy advertising E-zines are regular digital magazine publications, and they make for good places to put your ads. Of course, the target audience of the magazine should dovetail reasonably with your target forums demographic, otherwise it is just a waste of time and money.

One good thing about this is that if you can find an e-zine that works well with your offered goods or services, people who subscribe to the e-zine will have qualified themselves as people who are interested in what you have.  Digital classified ads Similar in concept to e-zine advertising, the idea is to post your ad and have someone publish it for you.

The primary downside is that your ad can “get lost” amongst the many types of ads, some of which will be competing directly with yours. Still, digital classified ads are reasonably cheap and pretty easy. Just search for “digital classified ads” and your favorite search engine will pull up at least a couple of services for you.

Printed classified ads. A good old standby, printed ads in newspapers and the like may seem old-fashioned, but it does work well enough. It all depends on your target audience.

Banner ads are great because they can get your ads on a variety of websites and webpages which bear some relation to your field of interest. Different advertisers feature different prices and scopes, so it pays to do some of your own research and fine-tune your choice for banner advertising. Advertising on foot! If you think posting ads in the newspaper is old-fashioned, then this one is even more old-fashioned. In fact, it’s so old-fashioned, it’s now novel again, just like how “retro” seems to become fashionable every few decades.

The idea here is to post print ads in various locations, such as public bulletin boards and the like. Some coffee shops and similar establishments have something like a public bulletin board, so they could be good places to start. Remember to post your ads only where you are allowed!

There’s little point in posting if they’ll only get torn down in short order. Of course, you should talk to people too. If you notice someone reading your ads, walk up to them with a simple smile, introduce yourself and ask whether or not the ad interests them. Remember to approach your forums customers  with confidence and intent, but not to the point of being pushy.

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