The product to advertise for sell online is information.

The best product to sell and advertise online are information products.

It can advertise an ebook,audio course,webinar,even DVDs,CDs,and seminars.

Here is why you should advertise these products.

1.They are cheap to create,taking mainly your time.


Use these tricks to get you started with your information products.

2.The reproduction or replication costs to deliver additional copies to any number of new customers is nominal.

3.It is an easy to manage business and you don’t need any inventory or big investments to launch ¬†and advertise your product.

4.You can demand what the traffic will bear because information today has Huge value.

Advertise your product creation – Your goal here is to create.

1.A product that will sell.

2.A product that will be valuable to your prospects.

3.A product that has huge potential.

One of the ways you can go is to be bit creative when you advertise.Think outside the box.

If you don’t have a product,find one that already exists!Approach sellers who already have an info product that isn’t selling as well as it might,or one that is selling offline.

Then make a deal where you’ll split profits with them 50-50 after all expenses.They provide the product,you provide the marketing,then you advertise like crazy.

Advertise online takes little or no money to start,just somebody else’s good idea.That way you can get one high-quality.salable product and quickly position yourself as an expert in that niche and start making money.

Create and advertise your own product.

I’ll tell you how i am doing it now.I used to do it all by myself,but now I outsource most of the work.Here’s how my product creation & product launch process looks now.

1.Find a niche to advertise too,a little segment of market that you can position yourself as an expert in and do a keyword research.I use free Google Keyword tool to give me suggestions on the keywords I’ll need.For example, I am going to create a course called “How to automate your business follow up system.”If I input in Google” business follow up system”, it will suggest related keywords that i should use to advertise.

Google will show me popular keywords(how many monthly searches it gets)so i can accurately estimate on how much traffic i can expect and how big my  market is.It also shows me other advertisers in competition.

2.I know from the start how challenging it will be to advertise that niche.

3.Once I know the general outline of my new product,I hire a writer to create an ebook,a book,CD,special reports,whatever I want. It may cost me about $1000.Of course you can do it yourself for free.

4.Then i writes a sales letter.

5.Once it is done I test it. I upload the blank version of the sales letter(no design or anything),give the project a little budget in Adwords,and it places ads for me on Google.To advertise this test traffic will cost around $300 to get traffic.I want to see how many orders I’ll get.

6.From those orders, I’ll know whether my product is going to be profitable or not.In some of the more competitive niches that i advertise.The results that are nearly break even,or just a little above the break even point.. that case I have to Test the price,the offer,the bonuses, the length and strength of my guarantee(I prefer one year money back offers),etc.

8.Once I have settled on the price that works best,I start tweaking my letter,and have my designer create a 3d image of the e-book,or whatever the product is.

9.Then I contact old customers to give some testimonials.If I don’t get many, Ill boost the quality of the product.If I didn’t get many sales,I’ll approach some guys who are willing to review my product for free. That way I get real people to give me their honest testimonials.This always boosts the image of my product.

10.Now everything is designed and up and ready.I am launching an official campaign where I am checking how many dollars I get for each dollar invested.If i like what I see, I set up the daily and monthly budget in my Adwords account,and advertise a few variations of headlines,P.S. fields and offers. I put in a free that comes with Adwords called Website Optimizer.All these variations will test and track to see which advertisements bring the most sales and which ones are most profitable.You get reports showing only that variation.

Finally, I reduce the cost of Adwords by seeing which keywords are profitable,which aren’t bringing in cash customers.After that I look for other ways to advertise to bring in traffic like social media,mobile marketing.




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