The love for Horses.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your book about Horses.

I’m a business person who was blessed with a second career as a breeding Horses and trainer.

My greatest worldly successes were in the Horses industry. But the most important relationship I have is with God which is the foundation of my books.

Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace is a master-class in relationship and worthy leadership  two gray quarter horses taught me just how true His promises.

How worthy His leadership, and how great Christ’s commitment to those He calls His own. Every concept of relationship from obedience to punishment to Tribulation is covered. The book ends when God showed me that my greatest success was actually my greatest failure – and that He covered it with His amazing grace.

He Came Looking for Me is the true story of how  horses are bound for slaughter.

Proves the John 14:2 promise of a mansion in heaven. No matter how desperate or hopeless our circumstances appear events have already been set into motion to bring us home.


Bo, Swizzle, and Shiner, the amazing grays and the horses rescued from slaughter are part of my family today.

 2. Who is Lynn Baber your love for horses.

A retired business consultant and equine professional asked to do something I didn’t know how to do – write about relationship with Jesus Christ.  I specialized in training  stallions horses. Give me  problem horses and I have all the confidence in the world. But as a writer I have no power other than proper focus on the God.

I always tell folks to check my work. If we’re talking horses I can prove it with a horses.

If we’re talking faith, then check what I say with the only source that matters – the Bible.

 3. Share your Living the Dream story with your horses.

My husband and I both know what poor feels like. But over the years we enjoyed some success in our careers. The more we succeeded the more complicated our lives became. Complexity is never good for relationships and we purposefully chose to simplify.

When I began my career I defined success as taking my dog to work with me. Eventually I realized that relationships are everything and the ones I cherish most are with Jesus, my husband, and my horses. Now, after more than 50 years of dreaming, I share the barn with them all.

4. The message-share messages that help readers find simplicity as Christians,loving horses, and citizens where complexity and confusion presently reign.

God is simple. Nature is simple. Horses are simple.

Little kids are simple. Only older humans make things complex. Simplicity is only possible when you believe in the concept of absolute truth.

Whether faith, horses, community, or politics, when any relationship or program fails it is because someone was either (1) unable or (2) unwilling to do what was necessary. Education won’t fix unwillingness and punishment won’t fix inability. Evaluate leadership by looking at the fruit produced. It’s that simple.

5. The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life, is this really true? How do we change it for the better?

Absolutely. Living in the barn with my horses proved just how true this is. The change in our relationship was completely unexpected.

Who has a better quality of life, a wealthy person without love or a poor person surrounded by love? People pursue power, prestige, and material goods because they have an empty place they are trying desperately to fill.

Change relationships for the better by spending time together without distractions, making real commitments, and by practicing kindness, patience, honor, and respect.
6. Passion inspires! Why is it so important to have passion?

Passion is the drug that keeps you moving forward and living with horses when the going gets difficult or your routine seems more like drudgery than anything else. Deeply seated passion isn’t always passionate, but it makes it possible to put one foot in front of the other when you don’t see any immediate return on your investments of time, money, and energy.

7. How are you marketing your books, what is working for you? Give us some tips that do not work.


What doesn’t work?

Marketing your book on social media to other authors.

Believing that your book is important, interesting, or valuable to everyone.

Overestimating the size of your audience. There are lots of Horses/God/Spirit books out there. Mine are the only ones I know of that include Jesus Christ by name.

That makes them “inappropriate” for most audiences. It’s amazing how many self-identified Christians say I’m “too Christian” for them.

Unless you already have a huge fan base, start your book promotion by identifying a really tiny niche audience. Work to own that market before expanding to larger audiences.

Do not expect anyone to work harder on promoting your book than you do.

8.Amazing Grays Ministry

Amazing Grays Ministry shares messages of faith that overcomes fear through Jesus Christ in person, in print, and in the round pen.

We’re a tiny 501.c.3 ministry. We go wherever a window or door opens. One of my greatest joys is being able to use what I learned in more than 20 years with horses.

My books are part of the message and the life experiences my husband and I had before we met and since we’ve been married help us to relate to others who find themselves in some tough places.

We are living in a time that requires each person to choose between God and Not God. There’s no middle ground and time is running out.  Our purpose is to help others find a faith that overcomes any fear they have about the decision they’ve made.

9. You are in a good place, how did you achieve that?

I believe everything God says He is and that He will do everything He promised. That faith eliminates fear and I know the end of the story.

And, I kept trying. One of the messages of He Came Looking for Me is that the fear of some deep dark bottomless pit is based on a lie. There is no such thing in this life as a bottomless pit. There is an absolute bottom – and it’s really hard. I know because I’ve scraped my face on it.

I discovered the first step out of the pit when I was introduced to the Serenity Prayer at an Al-Anon meeting. I quit trying to change the things I couldn’t, kept working on the things I could, and prayed for the wisdom to know the difference.

Folks who leave the pit behind can serve as beacons of light to others who are still in the darkness. I’m trying to honor the blessings I’ve received by passing them along to others.

10. Final comment: What’s on your “Bucket List?” Top 5 things

you’d still like to do?

There is only one thing on my bucket list; to ride one of my Amazing Grays on a beach. Other than that, all that really matters is relationship. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, live in the barn with my horses and dogs, and know I’ll be seeing Jesus face-to-face one of these first days. What more could I possibly ask for living with my horses.


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