The ideal medium for a Senior and aging Boomers.

The internet is an ideal medium for a senior.

On the internet-being a senior is not a factor.

The wrinkles on a senior face and gray hairs  are not visible on-line.The internet offers independence,safety,security and anonymity.

Design tips to attract Seniors and Aging Boomers

Make your website easy to use and Senior friendly.

Create fast loading pages

Develop a professional look and feel that inspires trust and rapport with  Seniors

Add larger fonts and lots of white space – 12- 14 point type size

Time New Roman and Arial fonts are best


Promote value

Create easy/intuitive hyperlinks and navigation for the Senior

Add easy to find contact information

Seniors need a super-easy checkout function

Add pictures and videos of real people in your company- a must- a senior and aging boomers link a business to a face.

Avoid novelty images and fancy graphics – text is preferred

Avoid patterned backgrounds-plain colors are best

Present information in a clear,easy to understand for seniors familiar way

Use a guest book format for subscribing to information and updates

How to market to a Senior and Aging boomers

Offer an ironclad money back guarantee and/or lifetime warranty

Tout your experience,expertise and credibility with testimonials and professional endorsements

Accentuate high quality workmanship and services

Promote lasting value versus the basic cost

Make it very easy for  seniors to return merchandise hassle free

Emphasize service after the sale (very important to a senior)

Add a toll free number for customer orders,service and support

Answer the telephone live instead of using voice mail

Offer written information about your products and services

Publicize community involvement(score very high marks)

Ask for a senior business

Tell them you want to be a personal representative

Always be personable and treat them like respected family members

Use easy to understand,customer-focused words-do not use slang acronyms or business lingo

Create a consumer checklist showing all the pros,cons and cost comparisons of your product,versus that of your competitors. Adding long copy is fine;seniors love to read in great detail

Focus marketing on positive benefits and experiences of aging(e.g time to enjoy grandchildren,freedom to travel and the financial benefits offered by senior discounts)

The senior consumer group dominates the marketplace and will for decades to come.So beat out your competition today by making strong connections and repeat business with the senior market.

Building trust in the senior market.

The next big challenge is to build their trust in your company. Trust is extremely important- a must – for the senior market segment.

To seniors and aging boomers their word is still their bond. Until they feel they can trust you, they will not buy from you at any price.That feeling of trust is more important to seniors than all the nice features your product or service may offer.Without sincerity,your marketing efforts towards this market will be in vain.

Honesty sells not just in this market, but in all market segments.Numerous studies have shown that lack of trust is the number one reason people don’t buy.But there are others.Here are three factors and criteria that this market considers in all buying decisions.

1.Safety- Low risk to a senior and their money

2.Independence- keeps them free in their life choices

3.Security- Maintains peace of mind and lifestyle

These are the meat and potatoes factors that represent the really big picture in a senior daily life.


Contact our team today so as we can help you put together a plan for the senior market.

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