The hollischapmanshow internet radio for positioning.

Hollischapmanshow is a growing internet radio show for authors,consultants,experts,small business owners.

The hollischapmanshow internet radio show is an effective solution for advertisers wanting to reach niche markets and new communities.

Radio advertising

Radio advertising

Online radio  listeners of live and on demand media account for 42% of online spending. Have you ever imagined yourself receiving an Radio award on stage? Have you ever dreamed of speaking in front of thousands of people,delivering your message with incredible authority and credibility?

What if you could be not only recognized for your talents,accomplishments,and experts,but you could double,triple your income by doing it? Hollischapmanshow radio show uses a distribution process for delivering streaming media content straight to computer desktops and portable devices, providing direct access to our expanding online audience. Internet radio show is live and On Demand streaming delivers the entertainment value of conventional media outlets like television or radio,only more readily, by means of search engine connectivity. Media distribution is no longer about reaching the masses, but rather the masses reaching the media.

Position yourself as an expert on the radio.

Your ultimate outcome as an a author is to build and develop a platform. A platform is comprised of all the people who know, like and trust you. Who would pay to read your book?Who is willing to purchase your products? Who would pay just to hear you speak?

Benefits of Internet Radio Broadcasting.

Align a product or service with a related message and/or affinity group. Increase reach and impression through desktop distribution and 10 x 10 x 4 video. New revenue streams and marketing initiatives with newly acquired content. The hollischapmanshow radio show is a highly visited monthly show. Multiple co-branding and cross-promotional opportunities.

Live and On Demand Advertising. Online Listeners account for 42% of Online Spending. Publish your book-promote it on the radio. After you’ve built your online platform, We will help you publish your very first ebook on the Kindle publishing platform. Amazon sells 80% of all books, and is on its way to selling three times as many electronic books as physical books.In under 24 hours,Amazon will feature you, a picture of your ebook, and an excerpt of the content, and allow you to sell your book-and they’ll pay you for it.This is part of what the hollischapmanshow can do for you. Hollischapmanshow  radio advertising In addition to marketing services we offer,we have live and On Demand commercial spots included in our sponsorship packages.

30 second commercial   x 6 plays                    1 show $500     13 weeks $6,500

60 seconds commercial  x 6 plays                    1 show $700     13 weeks $9,500

10 x 10 x 4 Video                                    $4,500 Online Webinars, teleseminars and Webcasts

Build a List and Sell More Books, Products and Apps… Automatically!        $13,000

The hollischapmanshow internet radio show will help you with the power of positioning. You have to establish yourself as the go-to person in your niche. When you’re positioned properly, you instantly increase your value, you can charge 2X, 5X, or even 10X more money, the media will come to you, and you can leverage your authority and credibility to build your brand and your business.

The good news is that when you join our team we have the system in place to help you get the positioning you need. The hollischapmanshow radio Demographics. Internet radio has a growing audience and has become extremely attractive for advertisers.If you’re not on the web, you don’t exist for significant number of people.

Internet radio Listeners Estimated 19 million Americans and growing Account for 42% of online spending Are a very refined and targeted market Are always a click away from your site Use broadband 42% more than average American,making them a rich Media advertising target.

Internet Radio Naturally Targets A Favorable Demographic Annual income of $50,000 or more Educated and tech-savvy- 58% hold a college or post graduate degree Comfortable spending online 47% work in technology,management,medical, or professional positions. Overall- Online Listeners are A very dedicated and loyal audience. 82% use broadband. 41% listen for 3 hours plus each listening session. 82% claim their online station satisfies expectations by 80% or more. Programming reaches a large at work audience.

Live listening is highest during work hours, when terrestrial radio listening is reduced Professionals listen to the hollischapmanshow while working in their office cubicle. The hollischapmanshow will help you to get them to know, like,and trust you. The ultimate purpose of crafting your narrative is to help your audience identify with you and understand what you stand for. You may do something that thousands of other experts do, but if you  have a unique story that allows people to get to know you,they will begin to like and trust you-this will start with you being on radio

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