The Cheapest,Fastest Way to Advertise on the Internet:Forum Posting

Posting on forums is one of the cheapest and fastest ways in which you can adverise products on the internet. However, in order to do this successfully, you must do a number of things carefully> Simply starting a thread that contains an affiliate link might  be a good way to get banned from a particular forum board, but it will never be a good way to make sales.

The general procedure involoves making multiple posts on a forum board before you even setup a signature file, which includes a link to you site. Even if the particular forum you are using does not specifically mandate this, you will want to do this, anyway, as it will increase your credibility which is your real goal.

You can start by finding a number forums for your  particular niche or marketing angle. Below you can find a list of some of the most visited marketing forums.


Warrior Forum

Seeds of  Wisdom

Ihelp  You

ClickBank Success Forum

Associate Programs

IMF (Internet Marketing Forum)

Ken silver Online

Friends in Business

Anthony in Business

Kickstart Today

How To-Internet marketing

Home Business Web Site Forum

Next, take the list of forums you have created that are both relevent to your topic and allow commercial links and begin developing a reputation on those forums. Post regularly, avoid meaningless fights and flamming,and contribute useful, on-target information to discussions. In a matter of 1-2 weeks, you will have develop a reputation, provided that the forum receives a considerable amount of traffic.

Once you have developed a good reputation, you will want to begin advertising through your forum signature. You will want to include some eye-catching assortment of colors, sysmbols,and words in your signature.This will draw people attention.You will then want to link them to something other than an affiliate page whether it be a page you created to sell a affiliate product or to a page where you have your autoresponder code added so you can capture the name and email address of your prospect.

You will find that this form of advertising pays off considerably and does so faster than a lot of other methods available.

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