Sell Yourself and the Money Come Easy

Self promotion doesn’t just make sense.It makes money.You can substantially increase the fees that you set and get or the salary you command simply by blowing your horn and tooting your flute.You can set and get any fee or salary you want to as long as you can adequately differentiate yourself from competitors who charge or request less.

To be successful,you have to be unique,so different, that if people want what you have,they have to come to you to get it.And once they do,they”ll pay the price- your price.

You must add magic to your message in a way that clearly sets you apart from others who do what you do and want what you want.So what makes you different?

Present yourself as a specialist.Talk about your special skills,your special area of expertise,and clients with whom you specialize.Discuss your accomplishments and awards,degrees,and other recognition you’ve received.Recall former occupation or areas of study.

If you’re going to promote yourself up the financial ladder,you must become the world’s ultimate¬†information source,the number one authority,and the foremost expert on you.

Complete a list of ten things that make you different,ten “onlys” and ten benefits that those you serve receive from you.That “ammunition’ will help you give yourself credit where credit is due,and help convince others of your value.