Delegate to Genarate More Success in your Business!

Delegating or duplicating well starts with indentifying various tasks you perform for your business and evaluating them as your own strengh or weakness.

1.Contacting prospects

2.Building a relationship with prospects

3.Closing the sale

4.Ongoing relationship with current customers

5.Handling customer issues

6.Managing accounts receivable


8.Choosing venders

9.Building relationships with vendors

10.Getting good terms with vendors

11.Managing accounts payable

12.Keeping current with cashflow

13.Overseeing finacial ratios and indicators

14.Employee relations

15.Training employees well

16.Dealing with employee issues

17.Keeping technology current


19.Developing new products

20.Developing ways to sell products or services

21.Creating letters and other items to mail out

22.Dealing with paperwork

23.Responding to e-mail,mail,social networks,blogs

24.Administrative tasks.

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