Small business owners and authors the purpose of a blog.

Small business owners and authors the purpose of a blog is to attract traffic.

Convert that traffic into leads-and ultimately get them to be your customers via your blog.

From a user standpoint-the purpose of your blog is to educate and or entertain people who might be interested in your topic.


Small business owners and authors a blog should be part of your marketing.

If you can engage your visitors by providing them unique,quality content, then you are much more likely to be able to get your readers to take some sort of action, be that…

Posting a comment

Subscribing to your newsletter

Subscribing to your RSS feed

Clicking on your advertisement

Or whatever goals(s) you decided on originally

So again, once you have your visitors attention with good content on your blog,whether in form of an article, video,picture or a combination of these, you’ll want your goal(s) to evident to the reader.

For example- If you want your readers to subscribe to your newsletter, your newsletter subscription form should be placed prominently on your blog. An example of this would be to have your newsletter subscription form in the sidebar as well below each blog entry.

If you want your readers to go to your capture page and subscribe to your newsletter there,then you would put a strong call to action after the content and even place links to your capture page within your content so your readers can click to get more information on    a certain phase or sentence that would require elaboration,and that is covered in depth in your Free Giveaway on your blog.

This is a great lead generation method for your blog.

Once they make it on your blog,the idea is to give them a taste of what you have to offer. But this doesn’t mean you hold anything back. Your blog posts should be so good that it leaves your readers wanting more. It should be interesting enough to get people posting comments and other bloggers to link to you. And finally, your blog posts should be compelling enough to get them to take the primary action you’d like them to take!

How Master Bloggers Get Massive Circulation And Attract Hoards of Repeat Visitors and buyers.

Blog with Personality.

The unique thing about blogging is you are encouraged to let your personality shine with uniqueness,that will set you apart in your market, and it’s why people will continue to come back each time the author posts a new piece of content.

You want to blog-learn how to write Copy.

Master Bloggers know how to use the power of words to engage,entertain and influence their readers. Copy writing is without a doubt,one of the most important skills a marketer can have.

Blog Post Topics!

Here are a few things that should help you come up with some great ideas for topics to post on your blog.

What keywords might your target market be searching for?

What new development have there been in your industry or company?

What funny,shocking,embarrassing,enlightening or otherwise interesting developments have happen in your life?

What stories have you read about, watched or heard about that captivated you/

What are the latest news headlines that are getting major attention?

What are some chapters in your favorite book on the subject you are writing about?

What are some of the questions you see on forums and other blogs in your industry?

What are some questions or comments you’ve recived that others might have/

Have you read and enjoyed a post on anyone else’s blog?

What new books have you read lately?

What new movies have you watched lately?

The above questions should help you grease the wheels of your mind and get you thinking about potential blog post topics.

Also start being a blog reader on topics you’re interested in.You’ll get a better feel for what kind of content you should post if you pay particularly close attention to blogs you like to read most.When you read other blogs,ask yourself.

Why did i read this blog post?

How did the headlines make me feel?

What parts of the article I just read or video I just watched stand out in my mind?

At what points in the article did I feel emotion and what emotions did I feel/

Did I think to share this with anyone else,and if so,Why?

In addition to coming up with excellent topics, this type of introspection can teach you a lot about human psychology and how to engage people’s emotions. Just pay attention to your own reactions as you read other people’s blog posts.

Are they business owners?  Do most of them work in a specific industry?  Are their customers other businesses or consumers you want to follow up with? Contact us today and we set up a system to put your follow up system on automatic.


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